#LionofJudaHTruth - Light and Dark

Upon this journey, there will always be times when one feels as if one must give up and give in to the negative forces that surround. The negative chatter that comes from "so-called friends", the naysayers who continue to say what one can or cannot do, the strategic and purposeful theft of energy, time and finances become a norm for those who are unaware.

The odds always seem against those who do good every time by those who chose to live with malice in their hearts, carry ill intent, jealousy, envy and greed. The illusion of this physical reality will even play tricks on the mind of an individual who is unknowingly carrying trauma from the past. Confirmation biases and cognitive dissonance are accepted as truth, when in reality, they are a lie.

The mind is a very powerful thing and one must ALWAYS remember, "the brain named itself the brain". For those who see the depth and levels of this statement, this is because you have been awakened from your slumber. Awakenings do not happen overnight, nor do they happen with no action. It takes hard work, questioning of all that one has been told and the rediscovery of TRUTH amongst the trillions of lies that exist. For when people's lips are moving, they are lying, it is one's responsibility to discover the truth within their lies.

Even after awakening into a state of euphoria and peace, this does not change the fact that people will continue to lie because they are habitually lying to their selves. It is hard to accept change and truth when one is living a lie and even the most simplistic and what some may call "innocent" of lies, will ALWAYS cause catastrophic effects. #CauseAndEffect For no one likes to be lied to, except Queen Rihanna of @fentybeauty As she sang she loved it.🤔🌹

It is hard to comprehend living in an illusion and web of lies and then state happiness comes with it.

So as a man of truth, morals, values, integrity, honesty, righteousness and #HONOR, I bring to you the first stages of the #LionofJudahTruth - Light and Dark series. Percentages of each purchase will help fund our schools in the #Caribbean for ALL of our children to have the brightest of futures. #LionofJudaHOriginals @ Mount Zion - Old City Jerusalem

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