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The Children Are The Future

The children are the future and the help starts by giving them a space to feel protected, safe, get a free education and healthy meals and safe space to lay there head.

Many people live in the illusion that everyone else on Earth may be as blessed as them. To come from a safe home, with a good family, as "dysfunctional" as they may call it, it does not compare to the truth that exists in these government mandated ghettos.

Since the beginning of my time here on Earth, I have been stating that ghettos do not exist in nature and have been created by man to control and enslave man. There is no equal opportunity, there is danger at every corner and only the educated children from smart parents tend to make it out into the world which carries even greater ghettos in the bigger cities.

One must over stand that there is a certain type of mindset that is programmed into individuals during their childhood and will carry through into their adult life and even golden years if knowledge is not sought.

As the #LionTribeofJudaH and #SisterHoodOfTheRose continue to strive forward in acquiring funding for the development of a proper educational system that can not only teach these children of low income homes or no income homes but rather help house them and give them a fair chance at this life. Fully prepared for the dangers that lurk at every corner. Given a different style of teaching in outdoor/open air classrooms within nature herself. To discover that Earth is not our enemy but a gift from The Most High and it is our responsibility to give back to her as we take so much already.

The Green School projects in Bali, South Africa and New Zealand have a great curriculum and setup for this type of teaching and as the movement grows, we will be bringing these schooling systems into our communities in the Caribbean, North America to South America.

Inevitably, we are planned to have schools through out the African continent that will help rehabilitate and re educate the entire nation, one child at a time. Many children are held captive by tyrannical and savage men who use them to do their dirty and evil bidding. These once innocent children are brain washed into evil after being ripped away from their families that most of the time do not survive.

One may say this is a huge job and impossible to do but one may be looking at the problem the entirely wrong way. For there is only one way a lion can eat an elephant and it begins with one piece at a time.

Know that JaH has instilled his plan into the minds of his chosen and for those who are capable shall continue to do their parts, for in the end, everything will make sense and come together as if divinely orchestrated.

We give thanks for those who take the time to create videos like these and educate the world on what reality exists due to the expense of their pleasures. For many believe one man must lose for another to win but that is the mind set of slavery and there shall be no more slavery here upon Earth.

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