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Every Subscription to YouTube Helps

Lion Tribe of JudaH, We need your help and assistance in upping our numbers on YouTube so they will release more options to get the message across to those who have yet to know. Social media has become a greedy game for the rich to become richer and whoever spends the most money, will get their content distributed to a larger audience. We refuse to be extorted by #TheSerpent when love does not cost a farthing, neither a cent.

Though the whole world shall see, we must follow the process of JaH, for we are not immune to the laws of this universe. YeshuaH had 12 disciples and only through them, did his works continue to withstand the tests of time. Every single click, like, follow, share and subscribe makes a WORLD of a difference.

It cannot be done alone, this is why we are a Tribe, this is why we are one, this is why we must be interdependent rather than co-dependent. This is why we guide others into #Autonomy and how we free the minds of those who have been enslaved. For not all can see yet but #TheGreatAwakening is occurring.

When they wake up, they will need guidance. They will need someone to talk to. This is why the #LionTribeofJudaH has been instated and activated. A safe space has been created outside of Facebook and on Facebook for those to join, share their experience and have their questions answered through guidance to seek and find. Many are being guided directly into the pit and are unaware of it due to false new age information. There is nothing new under the Sun and we must stay true to prophecy, as who is anyone on Earth to change prophecy from the ancient elders?

The opposition of JaH can be clearly seen and for those who have ears shall hear and eyes shall see. Please help us in tapping the link and subscribe to the YouTube page. Let JaH arise and all his enemies scatter.

Blessed love

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