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The Real American Constitution

You see, before the constitution was even given the power that it has now, congress stepped in and changed up many different things. This branches from the egoical consciousness that exists within man. To control others and always make sure they have some sort of say in things that they are not capable of understanding. You can have 5 PhD's and know nothing about this life, this Earth, far less about one's self.

It would be wise to listen to a KEY STATEMENT at (1:30) in this documentary hosted by the intelligent and wise #MorganFreeman Morgan Freeman

He allows for truth to be shown while "giving to caesar what is for caesar". We ALL know deep down within our hearts and in the depths of one's soul that #SomethingIsNotRight. That through the programming of William Lynch the enslaver, ALL of man kind has fell victim to the tyranny that has been instilled for thousands of years. For #JaHDohSleep and those who have been awakened by The Most High have been guided to discover the truth of our existence.

No, you are not "woke" or "aware" if you are not fighting, you are still a slave and refuse to stand up for what is right in the name of your creator. All of one's excuses pleases the ego and allow one's complacency and co-dependant relationships with the government to dictate one's fate.

Until we ALL stand united as hu-mans against the spiritual wickedness, principalities and darkness that exist in this realm will forever rule over the internal self, therefore silencing the soul and giving demon leaders their continual power against the world.

For those who seek to fight for love and life with the CHOICE of being guided to one's destiny. Then show the Lion that you are capable and willing.

Otherwise, sit down and get out of our way.

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