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Iranian Man Turn US Citizen and Loses Freedom

This is your typical Hu-Man inventor and free soul.

Reza Baluchin of Iran.

A man who was tortured in Iranian prison and escaped to the so called freedom of #America.


This is proof that America is not free. That NO WHERE on Earth is free.

This is the evidence needed to prove that the corrupt and #UNEDUCATED Maritime and Coastguard Agency of The United States of America shall be held accountable for their personal crimes against this man.

They destroyed his vessel and all his personal belongings.

He was never compensated for what they destroyed.

If he were to do that to their personal property, what would the outcome be?

He spent $120,000 of his own hard earned money and supported fan income to accomplish a task that was never done before. He does not answer to the Coast Guard, he does not even answer to the President of The United States for that changes every 4-8 years.

THEY ANSWER TO US! FOR IT IS OUR MONEY THAT PAYS THEIR SALARY. #WeThePeople Know your constitutional rights and also know their are two constitutions, which ONE are we following?

This act of peasantry infuriates the righteous ones.

They involved themselves in another man's journey and literally killed his dreams because of their own fears.

They do not get to dictate what ANYONE does on the seas.

For we come from the waters and we will go back to the waters when we leave.

Hu-man beings are 75% water, we are literally water walking on Earth. Water that has been granted the ability to self oxygenate and sustain it's temple for a temporal life span. Giving a soul to experience and learn yet inevitably controlled by the sheep herders.

Let us help this man @RezaBaluchi get back what was wrongfully taken from him. Those who used their pathetic excuses to control another individual with guns and self entitled authority, not granted by JaH, they have been found guilty and warrants for their arrest have been created.

ALL who were involved in this crime have been found guilty and will need to not only be sentenced for their charges but will need to recompensate Reza for his loss.

For far too long the governments of this world have illegally kidnapped, destroyed, robbed and prostituted our rights as hu-man beings.

We are sovereign by birth and by nature, we are citizens of Earth and we have no where else to go, so what are they really trying to do?

What is their true purpose and agenda? Who are they to protect people from themselves, especially if they are a causing no harm. Read out a make belief law and claim authority yet will not uphold them selves to the same standard. #WalkingContradictions

The Most High will strike you all down who fight against the powers of The Almighty JaH. This man was prepared with safety devices, GPS locators, food, drink and even a laptop.

He was enjoying his life and freedom until the freedom police came and took it away.

He was no hazard to any other ship nor hu-man, he marked out his course and he was doing everything right. He trained for 5 years before he embarked om his journey. More time than half of the men on that #CoastGuard dingy have done.

Opinions may differ in this case but they are inconsequential for the truth will always stand firm and it is time children. Perspective is key and it will set the peope free.

Time to take back what is rightfully ours and which is called our freedom. For Thomas Jefferson wrote in the ORIGINAL constitution before congress CHANGED it up, that we as hu-mans have been born with INHERENT inalienable rights. Do you know what that means? #SeekAndYeShallSurelyFind #DeclareFreedom #DexclareSovereignty #DeclareTruths #DeclareYourRights #DontBeStupid #YouWillBeHeldAccountble #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #12TribesUnite #AllShallBeRevealed2020 #BabylonYuhDone

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