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"For The Purpose Not The Paper"

Finally, JaH has blessed us with a space that we can fairly distribute our music and those who seek to support the cause can donate pennies to dollars to help alleviate the cost of these productions. Any little amount helps, as we do not work for the babylonian system and we have removed ourselves from their tyrannical grip. We do not get a steady pay but we earn our meals everyday with hard work, discipline, determination, dedication and doing. By the grace of JaH, he gives what is needed to complete these works. Always the perfect amount at the perfect timing. When one feels that there is no hope, know that JaH is always there and once JaH is there, everything good is possible. SelaH

The cost to release a musical recorded art piece ends up being around $1250US. This is if the instrumental beat is bought from the producer with stems of each instrument separated into tracks, which is later used in the mixing and mastering process. If the mp3 is purchased without these instrumental tracks, the cost is less and the music is not presented correctly, as one can see from the earlier works of the catalogue.

The engineer who mixes and tweaks the frequencies and bands from clashing must be paid. The producer who masters the track must be paid and if one wants to own the studio session, that is another cost on top of the above cost that includes distribution and publishing. Then there is the separate cost to promote the material on all social media platforms, as the tyrannical corporate greed system seeks to make money on the people that already follow you, I literally have to pay for my messages to REACH YOU. Can you imagine that? Great job Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, I am sure JaH loves how you treat your fellow man. #SenseTheSarcasm

Then there is the cost of a music video. This STARTS at $500US to $1000US and can range to $5000US depending on the quality of director that is hired. Then there are meals, travel, rental of equipment and more meals to be paid for when filming, as it takes sometimes days and weeks to film these projects. Location expenses occur and the bill becomes larger, yet it is always "for the purpose and never the paper" as Giovannirimz my producer says.

The message must be sent out by all means necessary and if that means I must sacrifice a materialistic life to give myself to JaH and extend myself to you all, I am at peace with that and I only seek to bring greater content to the masses. So please, feel free to help contribute to the cause as there were many great womb-men who supposed YeshuaH in his endeavours and even though by the grace of JaH he worked, it still cost him money to travel, live and spread the message of truth that he once did. As it was written, when YeshuaH started his ministry, he took 12 disciples and amongst them were very wealthy womb-men. "Mary Magdalene from whom he cast out seven demons, Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod's business manager, Susanna and many others who were contributing their own resources to support YeshuaH and his disciples." Luke 8:1-3

I have never asked for a penny from anyone without trading my time for work. I have been stolen from, manipulated, taken advantage, embarrassed beyond reason and tormented by evil doers who worship the devils that exist here on Earth. Yet by the grace and power of The Almighty YaH, I will not falter in my mission to eradicate this Earth of all evil. The evil has already lost and now it is just timing and patience before all falls into place. For the true supporters and loyal loves, I love you all and for those who seek to see me falter and fall, it is because of love that I banish you into the pit with your master, for you have missed the purpose of this life and you have wreaked havoc upon mankind, mainly our children. Therefore, all shall be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. There is no where to run. Blessed Love #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #SitDownSerpent #TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHyah #TrindadArtistry #LocalTalent #IslandVibes #LionOfJudaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #AllShallBeRevealed2020 #BandCamp

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