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Vaughn Benjamin and The Lion of JudaH

Only the true reggae fans have ever known of Vaughn Benjamin. His brother Ron and he set out to do what was once thought impossible, to stick to the tribal and root form of RasTafari and intertwine art and life for all to see. Not only did they create a band known as #Midnite and later #AkaeBeka, King Benjamin constantly would intellectually speak truth, live truth and be truth amongst the darkness in this world.

One must KNOW what Akae Beka means and the origin of it can be found in The Book of Enoch Chapter 68 : 20-24

(20. Its name is Beka. He spoke to holy Michael to discover to them the sacred name, that they might understand that secret name, and thus remember the oath; and that those who pointed out every secret thing to the children of men might tremble at that name and oath. 21. This is the power of that oath; for powerful it is, and strong. 22. And he established this oath of Akae by the instrumentality of the holy Michael. 23. These are the secrets of this oath, and by it were they confirmed. 24. Heaven was suspended by it before the world was made, for ever.)

"This is the Oath in that is forever and all that is unchanging is. Unlike vows, this Oath of Akae is the affirmation of One in still and solid from whence the Waters where called into creation, and the Darkness commanded into existence. Vows are for a time, this oath is before and after time. The Oath of Akae is that of giving all free will up, so that there is nothing but a vessel clean and fully for and of JaH." -

Before his passing from this Earth's plane at the young age of 50, he recorded over 70 albums and wrote a plethora of songs, poetry and scripture that will now be cherished by his followers and new comers in the future. He was from a beautiful island in the Caribbean known as Antigua and spent most of his life in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A wise man who walked with Emperor Haile Selassie and YeshuaH Mashiach. He was one of the most intelligent men from the Tribe of Benjamin to ever walk this Earth's plane and only the awakened conscious man and womb-man were capable of overstanding his messages. Though he had many fans because of the energy he represented and carried, some were not capable of applying his messages to their life. This will change as time progresses. He was a god within his own right and obtained what many state is unobtainable. He walked with JaH and JaH walked with him. His soul shall live on forIver more and his legacy shall reign until time ceases to exist. I love you Vaughn Benjamin and to leave this post with a saying from Trinidad and Tobago and your own words. I and I will forever be a Trini to the bone but I and I am also RasTa to the bone!

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