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To Eat or Not To Eat

Does one think one should be entitled to animal meat? Does one believe one should be entitled to be fed by another man? Does one believe one should have the option to choose what to eat without lifting a finger for that specific type of food? Is one held accountable for their choice in this sea of illusion of options.

As humanity continues to go forward into the future, one will start to see the decline of animal products and savage ways of farming these sentient beings of Earth. One will start to awaken to their erroneous choices in this life, day by day. One will start to feel shame, guilt, pain and depression for all the wrong that one may have done in the past.

Know that this is part of the process and there is no running away from it. "Continue to seek the truth, for the truth is always seeking you".

No one else has to live with one's decisions other than the one making the decision, unless one is a psychopathic world leader, hell bent on global domination in this chess game called life.

So make sure and do what us always right when at a cross road, for no matter how much scripture one may read, intelligence is the capability of applying that knowledge into this 3 dimensional reality. I can assure you all, Earth is filled with a lot of unintelligent people and some may be too smart for their own good. Know this truth hu-manity. #Hell is empty and there are a lot of dead men walking. #HeIsComing

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