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Stop Prostituting Our Culture

This post is for those who have been wronged by trusted friends, family and strangers. This post is to hold those accountable for their wrong doings and to cast their verdict upon them. For JaH hath judged them and has handed out their sentencing. This is to solidify what has transpired in the higher realms to this 3 dimensional physical realm. This is about truth and be honest. This is about righteousness amongst the evil doers and followers of The Satan. This is to banish the demons that have latched onto our ignorant brother's and sister's. This is the truth and empathy given to ALL who have been taken advantage by the beast. Into the pit you all go, your time for repentance is up.

When one invests one's time, money and passion into other's dreams and all they do is take, take, take and take.

They have no remorse for their actions and how it affects other people.

They do not care what they do because they are selfish and narcissistic by nature and choice.

They do not care for what harm comes from their actions, for they are self righteous with their ego rather than their God given soul.

Not a penny has been given back for investments made while they pop their champagne and travel to exotic locations on another's dime. These privileged and foolish people are the scum of this Earth and they KNOW what they do. They repeat the process with their new innocent victims everyday and block the one's who call them out for their fraudulent and false idolatrous way of life.

In Trinidad and Tobago we call them entitled Neanderthals hahahaha Yes. Over 500,000 people will look at your actions and works and call you by your true being, a #Neanderthal.

For it is the way of an uneducated cave man that some behave towards their supposed brothers and sisters. They hide behind their foolish pride and sinful thoughts in the dark. They put on the mask of the ego and believe no one can see their putrid truth. They cry every time and shout to JaH "Why am I always doing this to myself"? Yet they fall asleep and repeat their own folly in the morrows.

As King Solomon stated in his Proverbs 26.

1 Like snow in summer or rain in harvest,

honor is not fitting for a fool.

11 As a dog returns to its vomit,

so fools repeat their folly.

12 Do you see a person wise in their own eyes?

There is more hope for a fool than for them.

I am here to continue the work of my ancestors for many still have yet to see their own foolishness.

Some of these people believe their own filth is made from rainbows and cinnamon buns. I am sure if they were presented with it on a plate, they may even fool them self to eat it as the demons inside tell them to do so. You cannot run from me demons, you have already lost.

Your judgement hath come and the verdicts are in. I forgive you all yet you still will be held accountable by THE MOST HIGH JAH.

You give our islands an extremely bad name. You should be ashamed of yourselves for the atrocities you commit everyday. You dare wear the cross that Christ was slaughtered upon and pretend that means something?

You are the same people who shouted "Crucify Him" in the court back in the day. You are the same foolish buffoons who killed the one who came to save you!

Yet you stand there with fake smiles, always plotting in the mind of how to rob or hurt another that is good and innocent. Dare not step to me, message me, speak of me nor ever call on my name. For as Iyesus Kristos said "I do not know you". When in reality he KNOWS the truth of ALL. Your excuses are worthless and petty.

If I can refrain from sex, alcohol, drugs and meat, what is YOUR excuse? Why do you not walk as a Christ as he showed us ALL how to? Who are you really walking with? For those who have eyes can truly see your master. I state this #SitDownSerpent for #TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHyah

As for everyone who poured our their blood, sweat and tears with me thus far, you are family and you are beautiful. For you know what it is to love and live with #HONOR, #Loyalty and #Integrity .

Where is the HONOR of those who stole from me, used me and took advantage of my kindness. You dare assume my kindness is my weakness? My kindness is my choice to see past your ignorance and always do the right thing, even when given the option to do wrong.

We have another saying in Trinidad and Tobago, "Play dead to catch corbeau/black vulture".

The Son of JaH has never stopped walking this Earth, for he is Adam and I am he. He has been continually cleaning up the mess that Eve has made, for JaH made her his responsibility.

He has just been giving everyone a 2nd chance and majority of Earth has failed. If you deny this truth, then into the pit you so willingly shall be jailed.

Those who know what you have done and who you are can do this for yourselves. Repent in the name of your creator. Shout his name and beg for forgiveness, do this in front of those you have wronged and you will surely see the light of day.

Pay back what you have stolen from those who support your dream.

Forgive yourself and forgives other. Take the right action steps to redeem your name and word. For that is ALL you have left and it has become worthless.

How do you all sleep at night?

Knowing the pain you cause onto others.

How do you spend another man's money, that he invested and earned with you with a smile on your face yet no empathy towards him and his dreams?

How do you continue to lie to yourselves and believe your own ignorance?

You call yourself Christians yet you are the biggest pack of hypocrites on this Earth. Real Muslims (not jihadist) are more Christian than majority of Christians. For they are WISE WARRIORS and many Christians have become prideful, weak and foolish.

I and I burn hypocrites to ash and then I rebuild them into Kings and Queens, if they simply ask to be helped.

You dare pray to The Most High when he knows your truth internally. Did you not know he shares it with us who seek it?

What, you still don't believe? Well then. I am sorry you feel that way, for he who feels it, shall surely know it. Watch and see. JaH will be done.

#StayTuned #HeIsComing

#CultureVulture #StopProstitutingTrinidadCarnival #TrinidadAndTobagoCarnivalAssociation

#TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHyah #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #AllShallBeRevealed2020 #RasTafariLivesAndReigns #12TribesOfIsraelUnite #ItIsTime #RevelationRevealsTheTruth

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