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Rampanalgas Waterfall Behind The Scenes (Land of T & T) Fun-Z-Land

"The moment one stops talking about something is the moment it no longer is fed energy. For words carry power and sound. People are always waiting on the next big thing, the next excitement, the next fix, the next new thing to distract one so far from the thing that one refuses to deal with internally.

Always in a rush and always impatient. Well I and I am not the next big thing nor racing to be anything, while in truth I am the last thing, therefore, I and I shall be ever lasting.

For I dare not care of opinion, only of the truth. I never seek to validate one's ego, unless the ego is the only thing upholding you. Old Earth is falling as babylon dem crawling, straight pon dem knees, dem eyes bawling. The mask is gone, it is fully removed, truth hath prevailed and JaH has been true.

All shall be revealed, for those who have eyes shall see. Babylon game over, it is RasTafari time to lead.

#NobodyBiggerThanJaH, that truth for free, for never a penny was charged for truth in history. It was the lies that killed and the evil that deceived. Yet #LionHeart warriors don't bow to please, they only bend the knee when YaH will is to be.

Equals by birth, sovereign by JaH. Babylon has taken away the truth of these lands. For YaH createth all and create you too, who do you think you are, doing what you do?

Face your worse enemy, face your mirrored self, face your own truth, face lack of wealth, face the danger of fear with courage that only JaH can share. For all has been written, this isn't the first time, we were already here.

The trumpets have sounded and the Lion has roared, the Queen Bee has shared her nectar and the Tribe has adored. The lionesses attack and the Empress do rise, to higher heights, higher ascension, higher vibes. Those who have heard, stand firm in the light, put on the whole armour of JaH, and let us all unite.

For Iyesus Kristos was a man, that believed in his father, what took Moses 40 years, should have been an 11 day charter. Israelites grew weary and trusted their minds, ignored the knowledge and memories of prior. Slavery and hard ship, work and demise, the serpent slithered in and instilled doubt in their lives.

False idolatry worshipped, the original commandments were lost, so Moses in his anger, had to remember what he smashed. JaH does not repeat himself, ever in the same way. The lessons are all different, yet cycles continuing through the age.

Into Aquarius we go, Pisces is no more. For the children of the zodiac will now feel the crab's claw. Into the unknown, knowing all, yet nothing, JaH giveth life and all of its blessings. Bless dem and test dem, see what they do, and if they walk off the path, well JaH will strike them down real soon".

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