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Many Have Refused

Greetings Children of Light,

Zin Uru

For many have refused the days that are here and the days that are to come ahead. For those who deny and are the naysayers, it is only because they lack information. They have not taken to time to read the words from the ancient times, nor taken the time to connect the dots and fit the correct puzzle pieces together. For one can be assured, the corner piece of the puzzle cannot fit in the middle. Every piece has its place. Just as every hu-man has their individual right to be free. Just as every hu-man has the right choose the path from which they walk. For those who have been with the I since the beginning of this online journey, I and I give thanks and great appreciation for your loyalty, commitment and love for the truth. For only in truth does love exist and we as individuals who are all born equal, we must remember it is important to love thyself. Honest and compassionate love. No stone upturned, no puzzle piece missing, no dot left unconnected. For where power, money and lust exist, the serpent is ever present. For where there is love, joy, honesty and truth. JaH exists peacefully while observing the serpent ever so closely. There is no-thing that JaH know not. For The Most High YaH was, is and forever shall be. The World Health Organization, the creator of Microsoft and a handful of supposed hu-man beings are attempting to vaccinate the world and segregate us as nations forIver more. To keep the illusion of each nationality functioning so they can continue to divide and rule. For those who have eyes shall see and ears shall hear. They sell the illusion for they live in their own fantasies. They believe they know what is best, yet their solutions create more problems. We know that The Most High has written our stories and knows the outcome of every decision we make. These are the times when we must decide what is right over wrong. What is control over freedom. What is truth over the lies. Let us continue to rely on The Most High Supreme Source Creator for all that is to come,for it was written. We know what we must do and now is the only opportunity that one will have before their plans are fully functioning. War time is here, but in the spiritual realm, underground Earth and within the thoughts of our own mind's. Take control of the mind and give JaH all of your problems. Let go of control and ask for help, ask for saving, ask to love, ask to be truth, ask to do better, ask for all that is good and then continue to pray and DO the right thing. Be aware of all actions and know this truth. #NobodyBiggerThanJaH and #NobodyElseIsGoingToDoItForYou #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #ZinUru #12TribesUnite #BabylonIsCrumbling #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterhoodOfTheRose #ILoveYouAll #HeIsComing #IPrayYouHaveBeenPreparing #HouseofJudaHtt #JBEPublishing #JediMovements #RohShanArt #AlannUlisesRhythm #RasTafarfiLives #YeshuaH #LampStand #ElijaHandMoses #IAmTheFire #IAmTheLight #IAmTheWater

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