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Christ Consciousness with some Zin Uru

#ZinUru The best way to subdue a serpent is to stand upon its head, to rise above it and let it know that there is and forIver will be #NobodyBiggerThanJaH for YaH createth ALL and all must answer the call for when the trumpet is heard.

Continue to enjoy the show, as warriors of JaH are rising up, one by one, within the small crowds forming outside capitol hill buildings. Marines will rise to the occasion and speak truth to the evil opposition. For they are the Oath Keepers.

All over the world, the #ChristConsciousness is becoming activated within the hearts and souls of so many. The #CollectiveConsciousness is raising the vibration of all. Slowly but surely, those will suddenly awaken from their slumber. The reality which is ahead of them will be seen very clearly. The time is nigh. There is something big coming and those who are tuned in can ALL feel it.

JaH is great. Life is great. All who are living in the past, will be facing their verdicts that The Most High YaH has handed down. The pain of this Earth is unbareable at times but the strongest of hu-mans can transmute it into love.

Those who are vibin' high with the #Energy of this coming Full Moon, energies will primed, be mindful of one's urges. Scorpio energy has intense desire for intimacy. Everyone who is tuned in can also feel this truth. For it is shared and experienced among many at the same time. Learn to control one's energy, and one learns to control their reality.

Make sure and hold a standard to one's choices. For the mother of one's child is the most important choice in a man's life. If one still has their parents in their life, be grateful, be so very grateful.

Hold the faith and know this truth. They have been attempting to lower the population for a very long time. This is nothing new but wake up. New Earth awaits for you to create it.

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