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Maritime Admiralty Law

When seeking the truth, one must be capable of using discernment with the wisdom that has been granted. When information is presented, one must be able to understand it fully and seek out the opinions of others that become entangled with the truth.

Is one truly capable of "autonomy", self-governance?

Is one prepared to accept the illusion that has been presented and work towards a better reality of freedom?

Actors continue to function on the world stage, some may not even be real people, some may even be actors in makeup and wardrobe. Whatever the truth may be, know that your freedom is an illusion and one is not as free as one thinks.

Since the civil war, this United States of America, inc. has been in a state of martial law. The court systems of the corporation do not function on the levels of law that civilians do, they use the maritime admiralty law system. This is not a conspiracy nor opinion, this is factual truth. If one does not know this truth, then one may need to educate one's self on "Maritime Admiralty Law". One may need to understand that the financial law dependent on a FIAT system is one that has no solid backing for the illusion of sourced material is not what it seems.

It still takes energy to gather that material that is then given a value. The value of hu-man energy is of infinite, yet there are those on Earth who know this and use it to their advantage without Earth's inhabitants ever finding out.

I am a citizen of Earth for the time being, the energy from which my soul was created exists in each and everyone of you. Yet, we are all individuals having our experience. Some have yet to awaken from their slumber, some have only seen what they have been allowed to see. Know these truths #AllShallBeRevealed2020 and #NobodyBiggerThanJaH

These are simple truths and I assure all that they will help those who continue to seek the truths outside of them. For when truth is found, it hurts those who are living a lie. Lives can crumble and nations can fall. So always remember to #HoldTheFaith and that when all is said and done and the powers of darkness come to surface right before one's eyes, know that JaH is by your side. #LionofJudahTruth

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