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It Is Wise To Question The Media

This post was written for a group of people on an island who have NO idea what is transpiring here in The United States of America, inc. This is getting out of hand with these fools who follow man and anonymous sources of propaganda and mind control. People, it is time to give yourself up to The Most High, for you have all seen that you are helpless against a regime of corruption, paedophilia and luciferian worship. They have tricked you all and only those who have ears can truly hear and eyes surely see. My country of Trinidad and Tobago is on the brink of civil war and the blinded individuals cannot even see what is transpiring right beneath their noses. This post may be directed towards a certain island but its theme runs true for the entire world. WAKE UP, RISE UP. There is work to be done.....

There is no cure for death and a virus is not alive, it is already dead. This is why there is no cure for the COMMON COLD/INFLUENZA. They are all viruses, programmed to attack and do destruction to certain organs. There are also symptoms of "radiation pneumonitis" which many are unaware of. I urge ALL to get some oregano oil with high % of carvacrol and drink a drop a day in water or food. Research and educate yourselves.

The protein that surrounds a virus sustains its existence. Hence it immediately starts to dissipate when removed off or dispersed from the hu-man body as it has no HOST.

JaH give us life and gives this Earth life and the water life. The salt water has living life. Death cannot sustain itself without life. Covid19 cannot survive in sea creatures nor the BODIES of salt water.

Salt water is anti bacterial, anti viral, anti many things because of salt's many chemical and natural reactions. Salt preserves, salt cooks, salt is a necessity of hu-man life, a virus is not, especially one that is man made.

Vaccines are not necessity of life, for they are man made. Man is not a necessity of life. Yet man has a purpose. A purpose to speak truth, be truth and live truth. For his creator is truth and it is good to follow truth. #FollowTheMoney if you have questions about your government hu-mans, who are obviously NOT God fearing people. Maybe some but not many. We all know this #TRUTH

Where is your faith in THE Creator? Where is your trust in HIM?

Many in this Earth have surely lost their healthy fear of The Most High and have allowed her to become a babylon plane of existence.

Cayman is a magikal place in the Caribbean Sea and everybody wants magik.

As a Trinibagonian who truly KNOWS what can transpire when the American media involves itself in fear mongering campaigns of death, murder and poverty, the island loses her magic, crime starts to run rampant due to lack of equal opportunity and manipulation of those in dire circumstances.

God fearing men and womb-men become worshippers of Satan's Synagogue. Do you know how many children are being molested, raped, assaulted in this world at this exact moment as I type these words? Locked indoors, with nowhere to go, no where to run trapped by their torturer.

Does anyone know the behaviours of their neighbours truly? Does anyone know what is transpiring in the life of another and how disgusting hu-man beings are capable of becoming. This is because no one has held anyone accountable for their actions and crimes against the children. Paedophilia is running rampant on your island right now and no one is taking this time to investigate and question, HOW ARE THE CHILDREN?

Everyone is quick to bad talk another without looking at themself in the mirror. This is the heights of hypocrisy and many have become walking contradictions. Many smile in your face and stab you in your chest while smiling. This is what Earth has become. This is not what CayMAN ever was. I have been robbed of tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars in many islands across the beautiful Caribbean sea. I have made many aware of who is who and what they stand for internally for it is easy to see into the souls of any individual. All one needs to do is look into their eyes.

Few have stood up to fight correctly, with a true overstanding of war and how it functions. The art of war is a book all need to read if ANY want to have a say in anything. For we are always at war against the invisible enemy. The serpent is always learning and one must always be ten steps ahead of it. One must take this time to stop worrying about Babylon's problems and make believe statistics. American's love to be the best at everything, even if it means killing their own people. Their government agents call this "collateral damage".

It is time you all wake up to see what is transpiring here. People die everyday, Iyesus Kristos did not heal the world and save every living being on Earth, doctors are not that capable of preventing death when death is inevitable to those who DO NOT take care of themselves due to ignorance and laziness.

How many times must JaH warn his people?

How many times must the true Israelites lose their way from the straight and narrow path?

How many times must one have to read that Moses and the Israelites took a 40 year journey to get to the land of milk and honey, which should have taken 11 days.

11 days of unconditional love and faith is all it takes and so many are incapable of doing so.

America is a beautiful land with some great people but also some maniacs and psychopaths that choose the serpent over YaH everyday. The world is full of that. 98% have gone to Lucifer and only 2% remain.

American has become a kingdom of whores manipulated by the Zionist Jews and you all follow their words like you suck from teat of The Great Whore herself, mystery Babylon.

How does it make one feel?

What it feel like to be drinking from the cup of filth that she feeds effortless into the minds and souls of our children?

Remove yourself from the serpent's grasp and give yourself up to JaH. For it can get worse very quickly. Much, much worse, especially if everyone continues to have an opinion on subjects they have no education on. Opinions wreak havoc in the minds of those who do not know truth. Over thinking becomes a huge problem.

JaH has given us two eyes to see and observe, two nostrils to breathe and enjoy or gag at aromas of life and death, two ears to hear and be soothed or petrified by our fellow bredren and sistren, two hands to feel love, give love and create whilst also capable of dealing death, two feet to travel and roam this garden created for us to find a space that is already ours and make sure to keep it maintained yet around her glory and instruction, never to destroy and SHE gave us one mouth to speak. Be extremely careful with the words that come out of one's mouth, for as King Robbie stated "If you get down and you quarrel everyday, you're saying prayers to the devils I say".

Take this time to discover your creator or surely face his wrath. For JaH will be done and only those who choose The Most High will survive what is to come.

Money is not necessary in a world filled with LOVE.

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