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Know Your Purpose

☄Coming Soon 🔥May 7th 2020🔥☄

The highly anticipated 🇹🇹"Land of T and T"🇹🇹 will be beamed to the four corners of Earth. I assure you it is like nothing you have ever seen before. #StayTuned

This particular shot was filmed in #BambooCathedral, Mount Pleasant, #Trinidad.

Each scene has a story in The "Land of T and T". Everyday we would rise up to film, @jonoaboud of @energymediatt would ask me, what does God have in store for us today!? For #EverydaYaHoliday when one is doing what they love and everyday is an adventure.

As the cool March breeze blew through this very humid space, the giant bamboo would knock and speak to each other. There was no one around and the voices of each cane could be heard peacefully gliding into one's ears. They would sing to each other as they gently swayed back and forth.

Out of no where, a taxi drives down from the top of #MountPleasant. The driver stops the maxi(mini bus) and proceeds to tell us that they will lock our car inside after he leaves, so park at the entrance. Then, the back window slides open and a Jamaican Queen looks at me and states "You are Sharon's son, I know your mother". I started laughing as there would be nothing less to expect from such a magikal land and magnificent surroundings. These moments bring extra joy to the I.

To experience life, one must be fully aware, truly living in the moment with purpose. One must know their purpose and to discover this, one must know where one is coming from. For if one does not know where one comes from, then how can one possibly know where one is going? #KnowThySelfChildren #DiscoverTheTruth #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterHoodOfTheRose

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