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Empress Jasmine From Tobago #LandofTandT

Greetings In The Name of The Most High JaH, This is Empress Jasmine of Tobago. She is a Queen and a humble servant of her creator. The story of how we met was nothing less than of divine intervention and divine timing. This was no coincidence nor if, and or but, not even maybe. There is no confirmation bias nor cognitive dissonance. Only truth, confirmed.

As the director (@energymediatt ) and I stepped off @iflycaribbean from a Trinidad flight to Tobago, the #Sun was now rising and we took a breath of the cool Caribbean Sea breeze. We walked from the airport to #StoreBay where everything was still closed. We needed to find the captain of a glass bottom boat that would take us to #NylonPool and #NoMansLand

As we approached the huts that are usually bustling with business, I heard a laugh that echoed throughout the silence of the courtyard. I followed the laugh and came across a Queen, sweeping the streets.

Before I could approach her, she stopped sweeping and looked up and immediately walked over to me and said these words in a very pleasant yet confident tone, "God told me to come and help you." She then reverted back to a light hearted, glowing skinned individual.

She told me her stories of her travels around the world and the books that she has written. She went into detail of the conferences she attended, spoke as the guest speaker and healed countless amounts of souls. She poured her heart out to me in the little amount of time JaH granted us and I listened to every last bit, as she was filling my heart with her joy.

She ended up helping me seek those who I needed to continue the journey and mission of filming the music video for "Land of T and T", which will be releasing May 7th 2020. (Add it to your calendar, this adventure took weeks to film and took us all over the Land of T and T.)

After she had finished spending time with us, she went back to her sweeping. I dug deep into the never-ending pit which is my guitar bag and pulled out the last female/white shirt that I had left with me to sell. I immediately gave it to her Then, as I was singing in the courtyard, she came back wearing the gift. I asked her to please be in the video. #LandofTandT

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