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It Would Be Wise To Rise

For those who continue to doubt, it would be wise to rise one's perspective out of the blinded corner that it has been stuck in for so long.

For King Ralph will tell you the truth as well. For there is a world that exists beyond this realm and no it is not imagination. It is the realm of THE ALL. There are some on Earth who can see it, there are some who know of it, there are some who can travel back and forth and there are some who will never change their programmed belief system, due to the fact that it has been embedded in their mind, body and soul since their creation. These are the one's who must be guided gently, guided by love and sometimes a stern reminder. Rude awakenings occur due to illusions considered to be real. An elder once told I "Belief is the enemy of knowing". One must take this time of isolation to let go of the old. Let go of the fear and let go of judgement. Let go of all negative activities and thoughts that do not serve. Remember that you are not your thoughts. It is a challenging time yet for those who know what is to come, know that preparation will never be wasted. For what was once to come, is now here. The world is shifting due to the disinformation and misguided education to the youths. The youths have grown into adults and are now in charge of advertising, marketing, branding and everything else that instigates the real herd effect. One person doing something and everyone else copying because they believe it is easier to copy than create their own. I heard a story today that made me smirk. There is a running app that can be downloaded and it advertises "To Make You Run Faster". Before you start the app, one must put on their air pods or headphones. Then the app starts. It is a sound track of a zombie apocalypse occurring as you run. Zombies are chasing you and come at you from different angles. This instigates fear to run faster. One must remember, not everything is conscious programming. There is sub conscious programming as well. One must always be aware. Aware of surroundings, aware of words that other's use and aware of zombies that are being created right under our nose. We can see that the world will always shift and there will be the power hungry men and womb-men that step out of their lane and attempt to control man kind. The separate the workers, the school children, the religious people and all protests on Earth have ceased. 21 Million people are missing in China and people continue to believe that everyone on TV has the answers to the world's problems. We all know they are all wrong. Yet some find it comforting to believe in wrong, due to the illusion of loss to know and live the truth. Some believe every man is right in his own belief. It is more like "Every man has a right to decide his own destiny. In this judgement, there is, no partiality". Sometimes, one does not know when to question their belief system. One may know so much that one thinks they can never be wrong and never believes that one can be wrong. This is why it is always better to know. For knowing eradicates the illusion of belief. For it is good to believe in one's self. It is good to believe that all of hu-manity can be healed by love. It is good to believe in The Most High JaH. It is much better to know one's self. It is great to know that there is good and evil and love does always conquer but with many tribulations before the final outcome of unconditional accepting. It is greatest to know that #NobodyBiggerThanJaH and no matter how much they come against those who KNOW the truth. Stand firm in the power of THE LORD. Put on the whole armour of JAH! Be love amongst those who are love and defend the truth of the ancient knowledge. For we each as individuals have and must serve a purpose. It is one's responsibility to discover that purpose. So it would be wise to listen to this video from King Wizard Ralph Smart and discover a truth. That life is whatever you make it, when you have the privilege to. When one's circumstances dictate the outcome of one's growth. Love is the only thing that will heal and in love, comes many lessons. Love responsibly children. Hold people accountable but always chose to heal in the end. Spiritual pride is a dangerous sin, for it can consume one without even knowing. Blessed Love to All. May one research the truth and know the factual history of this Earth and not the illusion. 3 - Miaziah - 2012

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