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Zin Uru Releasing April 10th 2020

Zin Uru

Releasing April 10th 2020

Intro "Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear. For only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear." Kininigen

Do you know what it means, only the righteous ones can see. Kininigen Research the ting and see, come be free Yow follow me, Kininigen

(Chorus) I am the fire, burning them down. Travelling through babylon, words power and sound.Yea Infinite fire, burning from within. Let JaH light shine so the demons can't win.Yea I am the water, washing them down Brothers of darkness you have already drowned.Yea Come forth the children of light into dis time JaH say to become one with the divine. Yea

Adam and eve is a little fairy tail Yet the truth can beheld if the story studied well.Yea The ego of Eve is a sin we are told Yet JaH create the serpent for a purpose to unfold.Hey Where is your faith? Where is your trust When will you let JaH defeat the dark ones? Yea The ego has failed and the light shall prevail For the Lion of JudaH has returned in his name. JaH! RasTafari Show dem the picture and hail Selassie I


Dem get let up, RasTa make yuh get up Put on yuh boots, khaki suit, even betta. Yow Babylon meh tell yuh dat meh ppl dem get fed up The root of the truth has returned, always 10 step ahead of Off yuh phones children what are you doing Babylon have dem stew it ah stewing De pot ah bubble and de ppl dem get bun Babylon ah tell yuh there is no where run. Yow And it was written up inna the book of life JaH done dictate the truth of man's strife. Yea For without it, we sour, we dis-ease We need to keep pushing to true autonomy.Yea Stop all the war, stop wasting our time It serves no purpose balance yuh heart and mind. Yea Nobody bigger than JaH, that truth for free It is impossible for eyes not to see.Yea


Find the light that exists in the dark Discover the light and see the all spark. Yea Truth is everywhere, yet half in its reveal The one truth stands firm, that every eye shall see.Yea I am the light, that all seeks to be Living in love, peace and tranquility Yea Homeward bound is to the source of the all But there is a mission first Babylon must fall JaH ZinUru

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