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China Lock Down Before it comes to USA

Information is always good to have from all perspectives when dealing with an unknown and so called "invisible enemy". Many know the truths that exist beyond the realm of society's illusion and those who truly follow The Most High know his word and know what is right and what is wrong. Those who have ears can surely hear and eyes can surely see. The enemy is not invisible anymore but quite apparent.

Those who know true history will tell you of the beautiful #dynasties of China that once existed. Rich in heritage and tradition, they once represented the beauty and life of the land.

History will also teach us how each member of these royal houses and tribes were murdered in the name of the new Chinese socialist government. Here is a documented perspective of a foreigner living in China during this biological and CELLular frequency war fare. #OreganoOilandWater #NoIbuprofen #GetGoodWithJaH #GlobalLockDown #SpanishFlu1918 #9XM1918 #FreeYourselves #PrayerIsReal #HongKong1968 #TheyNeed5GForRobots #ChopDownRealAmazon #ExpandConcreteAmazon

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