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The Midas Touch (Gold Beating)

If one were to study gold and its properties, one may be amazed. The ancient Egyptians knew more than the modern man today. They knew of its monoatomic properties and benefits to health and construction. The ancient Sumerian tablets speak of The Annunaki and their quest for gold. #KingMidas and the golden touch. What truly makes it as valuable as it is? It is what currency used to be backed with. What the banks would hold for you safely. The Vatican houses supposedly $50 million worth of gold. Reported. That can surely help a lot of children.

Why would they need that much gold?

Did Iyesus Kristos not state to give away your riches.

The churches are most certainly not representatives of YeshuaH. It would be wise to research the federal reserve, the bank of England and the central banks historical beginnings. It is truly a fascinating adventure into the discovery of the truth behind #Gold. Where did it all come from? #LionofJudahTruth #ItesGoldAndGreen #Afrika #GoldRush #ByeByeBabylon #ILoveGoldMrPowers #SolidGold #HeartofGold #NobodyBiggerThanJaH

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