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I'll Be Down By The River

"I'll be down by the river. Waiting for the good Lord to pass my way. (Oh yeah) I'll be down by the river Singing songs of joy on this lovely day". - @MorganHeritage

For those who truly know what peace is. It would be wise to stay at peace in these last days. Every day can be the last day for another. In these times, only knowledge of truth will carry the honorable through. The truth is, we have all been lied to. As usual. It is hard to find peace when surrounded by liars and lies.

Peace is easily obtainable outside of the illusionary city life. The downtown areas of cities all over Earth have been entirely shut down and it has positively affected Earth.

We all have purpose, yet not everyone knows their purpose. The system trains you to eradicate purpose and be a good employee. (servant)

Meaningless time wasting in exchange for worthless paper has given opportunity for a new indoctrination.

Babylon system is crumbling so they have prepared an update. All the riots against governments on Earth have postponed since the release of SARS-CoV-2. Know this truth.

Just like when there is a major update needed in the infrastucture of a corporation, the entire system must go down to allow the new operations to be implemented. #DownTime

Pay close attention to the world leaders actions, not their words.

For every biblical generation, there is change. There is trauma, there is death, there is destruction. Then there is re-birth, growth, love and peace. The planetary alignments have been recorded and history continues to repeat itself. The only thing new today is the perspective and education or lack there of in society.

Take this time to look within, silence the mind and noise that surrounds. Discover peace internally by simply breathing. In through the nostrils and out through the mouth

The government has lied to the world because they can. They passed a law that legally allows them to lie to us. No hu-man likes to be lied to yet many love to lie. #SitDownSerpent

Research #CassSunstein #PortmanMurphyCounterPropagandaBill #LandofTandT #EnergyMedia #RasTafariLives #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #BeachBummersFL #FunZLandNatureTrails™🌳🌴🌱🍃🌊🏕⛺

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