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When one spends more time in nature correctly, the illusionary mind that is programmed by society is peacefully washed away. Correctly is being used because there are incorrect ways of spending time in nature. To elaborate, to sit in silence and breathe. To observe nature effortlessly function while what seems like doing nothing, yet everything is alive. The canopy from trees and bamboo that are formed do not happen overnight. Water is needed, fertile soil, sun light, insects, death and decay. A miniscule part of the greater cycle that allows the jungle to be a jungle, the rain forest to be a rain forest, the woods to be a woods. Every single organism KNOWS its purpose on Earth. Every living sentient being carries consciousness. Be it in the form of a 1 dimensional existence of consciousness to the unseen 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th beings. Hu-man beings in the physical form are of the 3rd dimensional form. 3 dimensions to our bodies, internally and externally. 3 dimensions to the reality of all that exists physically. The 4th dimension can be associated to the internet. A world within a world within a world. As man continues to discover scientific evidence to fit man's scientific narrative. There have been and will always be a select few who step out of the 3 dimensional reality to discover the greatness of one's soul. The infinite energy source that gives the heart its first electrical impulse to start working. The first jolt of energy that has been transferred into the avatar of the hu-man body. The source of this energy is known to ALL as a creator. A supreme being of consciousness. There are a billion and one different names for it, but there is one thing that stands constant. The first tone Ah. The first vowel Ah. The first letter Ah. The AlpHa. AllaH, YehoshuaH, YeshuaH, RaH, JehovaH, Igzee'aHbihier, YaH, JaH. Discover these truths and see the folly of man. Know there were prophets before and there were murderous charlatans posed as wise men. Wolves in sheep's skin. Know this has not changed. Know that change is here. Know that this is another shift in consciousness. Know that #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #RasTafariLives #WhatIsYourPurpose

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