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One child is one too many

Paedophilia is something that has been a problem for thousands of years. It is good that there are those who are doing something to help stop a handful of these predatory males. One must know it runs rampant in both genders of humanity. A cyclical repetition of what one has experienced as a child. One then grows into a perpetrator rather than a saviour. So we are told to forgive them for they know not but for those who know what they do, forgiveness is a personal virtue, only given by the victim. The re-education of humanity is necessary but first, all must be held accountable for their crimes, for they know what they do. It does not matter when one lives a lie, the truth is always apparent. #NoMoreExcuses #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #GlobalPaedophileRing #WorldLeadersArePaedophiles #VaticanHousesPaedophiles #OneChildIsTooMuch

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