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Where do these concepts stem from?

There was a mention of this video in the Tribe and there are some facts that need to be stated to the author of this video. If one decides to venture into this, the response to this CONCEPT is below.

#NobodyBiggerThanJaH No matter how one may look at it. IS=Isis, Ra, El=Elohim. Research this egyptian construct of the battle that took place and how these names came about.

Sorrow is necessary for growth. One cannot bargain with the law of the ToraH or pick and choose to suit their agenda. Jesus = Zeus, his Hebrew name IS (YehoshuaH) Aramaic = YeshuaH. It would be wise to use the correct spelling and name. The translation of the text that has been used is incorrect for if one were to dig deeper and see the true reading in the re-birth of Earth, the tone was Ah. Read the ORIGINAL text in its ORIGINAL language. It is not the "Escape of Eden", for we have been kicked out of Eden a very long time ago, yet it was just a blink of an eye for The Most High. Time, space and matter does not follow the same laws outside of the firmament. As the age of Aquarius is now here, it is the return to Eden that we are venturing towards. The doors were never closed and have always stayed open but the traps have been set and only those who seek the root of the truth, be truth, speak truth, live truth can re-enter into the Garden of Eden. For truth comes as love with no conditions. It takes no strength to tell the truth but it cost energy to create a lie, remember that lie and live that lie, far less repeat the lie.

This video is a great concept and should be presented and accepted as only a concept, rather than truth. For there is not one man who lives in the ghetto under dire circumstances that will listen to any word spoken here. For their reality does not allow illusion to interfere with their livity. There is not one man who wakes up in the middle of the battlefield that can accept these words due to the fact they only work for a select entitled few of those who never lived on the streets nor worked a hard days work in their life. There is work to be done. They do not have that privilege to believe in aliens when guns and violence are at their door step everyday. Belief is the enemy of knowing and what does one truly believe and what does one truly know. When the womb-men's husbands chop their daughters to pieces after they molest them. When the hurt children who grow into men gun down innocent womb-men or rape them. Speak these words to the victims of how one must be like Iyesus Kristos. Speak of the true character he was in physical form. He was a warrior and he answered to no man or womb-man. He fought battles for those who could no longer fight. He kicked over the merchant's tables in the tabernacles and chopped off their hypocrisy with his double edged sword of a tongue. If one were to walk into a bank and kick over the teller's tables, what would REALLY happen? Who would come for you? The one's who say they are there to "protect and serve"? Who are they truly protecting and serving?

Dare not live in illusion children. The truth is simple. Outside of living in this world of Cause and Effect. The dragon and the fallen ones were cast down after a great battle in the heavens(Spiritual world) above by Michael and his army. This Earth is not what we are told. A prism. A prison of re fractured light. There are those who have chosen to incarnate and there are those who have been imprisoned and manipulated by the serpent. When white light is shown through a crystal prism. It is split into the colours that make it up. If one were to look at the light inside the prism and outside the prism, the kaleidoscope of colour is reversed. Look at the chakra system and discover that red should be on top rather than below. Up is down and down is up. It is the fall back up, for ye have been cast down. Only in releasing of the material and egoical illusion this world presents, may one truly be able to find grace within The Most High. Yet all must be held accountable for their crimes against their creator.

For one cannot let "God" down for one does not hold The Most High up. Imaginations of the mind create false realities. This must stop and be dealt with immediately. The reality is, everyone needs food to eat, who is going to farm the food for your children? The same Monsanto who is poisoning everyone? Fyah Bun! There is work to be done!

Many are called but only a few are anointed. Free will has been granted so the illusion of choice can be presented. For if one were to do good, then good shall follow. One were to do bad, then bad shall follow. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The intention from the internal self must be observed and know that random acts of kindness come from within, by living in the present NOW.

Evil is usually plotted and caused by over thinking. Allowing the serpent to whisper sweet nothings into one's ear. Beneath my feet you will stay serpent until Michael cast him into the bottomless pit with his followers. Those who live without morals, values, integrity, honesty, trust, faith, righteousness and HONOR. where is the honor of man who disobeys his creator? That is called peasantry.

The infinite being of all MUST have negative aspects for we live in a dualistic world. To be Infinite, it means to be EVERYTHING. The negative aspect of The Most High was imprisoned here on Earth. For energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred. Unconditional Love cannot exist if one does not know fear. For darkness is the absence of light, yet only in the darkness can one discover the light. When two lights shine together, no form of darkness can survive. Two can surely become one.

Adamos Kadmos was created in two different parts. Spiritual entity and physical entity. He is the primordial man. The divine being, the first ever. The most treasured CREATION of JaH. He then created Eve from his rib. Did you know that when a rib is surgically removed from a man, it CAN grow back. Who is the Universe's best surgeon?

Know that Adam became bored after naming all things in The Garden of Eden and living for countless days of existence. Eve was created to represent the void, the Tao. When nothing becomes conscious of itself, it becomes a being of dimensions. The nothingness that is the void of space must be filled with the knowing of The Supreme Source Creator. The nothingness is shown how much everything (The Most High) truly loves her. Yet the most high tests us and blesses us. For Eve disobeyed the one thing she was asked not to do, yet she was the responsibility of Adam. So in love, he was tricked into disobeying his creator, just as a womb-man poisons her lovers so she can be free from her own self inflicted prison, she never holds herself accountable yet drags others into her emotional madness. Poison is rarely the choice of termination when a man is at the helm. For even Sadhguru stated "If womb-men were not attractive to men and did not have what men were biologically programmed to seek, they would all be killed". This is a truthful and factual statement but the hu-man race would be no more if it was not for empathy. There is purpose for everything in nature. Hu-mans are no different. The female WOMB-MAN holds the nothingness where MAN can create life with his sexual fluid. Therefore man and womb-man must know their true purpose. It is a process of saving his DNA memory energy and transferring it through his MALE SPERM. The strongest male sperm fights its way into the FEMALE egg that then allows life to continue here on Earth. A blood line is continued. Just as the Twelve tribes of Yacob continue to this day. The House of YahudaH" Praise" and BenYaHmin"Son of The Right Hand (JudaH and Benjamin) are the only two tribes that have stayed united while the others continue their slackness and mixing of blood. The blood types humans all have dictate greater things that must be researched. For the son that carries the seed shares the same blood type of his father. Research the spiritual truth.

In the story of NoaH, we see the 3 bloodlines. 2 that were good and one that was bad. Two were able to bring their wives on board, one had no wife. That one then molested and raped his father when NoaH was drunk. He was then cursed and his CHILDREN cursed, for he surely found a wife from other survivors of the worldly flood. Documented ALL over Earth. Even the original man of Australia will state stories of astronomical sea rises 7000 years ago. Kangaroos travelling all over Earth to return the dead bodies of other Kangaroos to Australia. Remember Pangea. Afrika(Garden of Eden) was ALL connected before the great flood, ice age, etc.

These stories are necessary to help KNOW THYSELF. For if one does not know why they are here, who they are, what is their purpose, how did they get here. Then one will surely never know where they are going. Earth was once called Afrika and Africa called Ethiopia and Ethiopia called Abysinnia. The four rivers of Eden flow through Ethiopia as they flow through our HU-man temples.

Salivary glands(Mucus Membrane), Urinary, Blood and Sexual fluids.

What is Hu? What is Man? (Research the Egyptian minor gods. The god of light.)

If one does not know their history, then it is impossible for one to overstand, inner stand, outer stand and understand The ToraH, The Holy Bible (Helios Biblios) and The Qur'an. A three part series of documented history and man made cipher. Written by the wisest of men and used by the smartest to control. Only the wisest of man can decipher the code. Only those who hold the master key. So be weary children of those who bring peace in the name of a man that never existed. For when the HEBREW MessiaH (YehoshuaH) or Aramaic YeshuaH is translated to Greek we get Iésous, Amharic we get Iyesus, Arabic we get Isa and in English we get Joshua which means YaHweH Saves or YaHweH is Salvation. Where did Julius Caesar get Jesus Christ from? Give Caesar what is for Caesar and give JaH what is for JaH.

Kristos meaning "An Annointed One" not THE. The scholars are repeating folly and have yet to dig deep within the depths of their own souls to discover the factual, spiritual and psychological truth. I and I urge all to discover the truth. #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #TheDevilIsNotWelcomeHere #IllusionsNoMore #TheTimeIsNow #RiseUp #WiseUp #ThereIsWorkToBeDone #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterHoodoftheRose

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