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Friendships that grow into family are those that will last a lifetime. For when the world continues to come at you, they must all be forgiven, for they know not. Then there are those who know what they do and they must be forgiven as well. For the manipulation that continues to ensue in the surroundings of society, one that questions is one that frees them self from judgement, from verdict, from trauma and from self-inflicted prisons. When the bond of a family is strengthened, no word, power or sound can break it. For it is built on the faith and knowing in and of The Most High And #NobodyBiggerThanJaH No form of weapon shall ever prosper against those who give thanks every second of every day. It is not okay to be wrong anymore. Excuses shall no longer suffice. Weakness is not an option but a choice. Laziness is a choice. Ignorance is a #choice. Just as one studies in school, one must study in life. Study life. See it for what it is manipulated to be and see it for what it truly is. One must know that humans did not come from monkeys. Rather, that we are monkeys. To what level of monkey will one seek to obtain. Only the ego will assume lies to please itself while the soul knows the truth. Just as the corona virus and avian flu have many different strains and mutations manipulated by man. There are different types of human beings manipulated by man as well. In reality, we are all the same yet we do our best to tell everyone how different we are from each other. We choose to separate our self due to the illusion of education and accreditation from some form of babylonian work system that helps THEM more than anyone else. It would be wise to head back to the Earth and start to grow food and give back to her as there is a lot more being taken from her than given back. Know that they know what they do and all will be held accountable for their actions against humanity but that does not mean it is the end of the world. Just rather a start to a New Earth that has always been there, now only seen through a different perspective. Blessed love to all who have done the wrong thing, for now you may finally know the right thing. #LionofJudahTruth #GoldenRule #RasTafariRules

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