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Give Thanks Again

The blessings continue to flow from honesty and truth. There are those who refuse to listen to truth and live a lie. Then there are those who are willing to accept truth and do better. To discover their peace within. Far away from the chaos and destruction of lies. Everything must occur the way it has occurred for these sort of moments to manifest. If JaH did not guide I and I to comment on @jesseroyal1 post, then this Queen of a womb-man may have taken a longer route searching for truth.

Repeating cycles and patterns of behaviour programmed into her by others who seek to control. This will not be tolerated here on God's Earth.

If #KingJesse did not do what he was guided to do, then the I would not be posting this beautiful testimonial of truth.

For those who have ears to hear , shall hear and eyes to see, shall see and when they see, they see that the truth has always been right in front of their face. It only take a elevated perspective to accept it. #LetThyEyeBeSingle

I continue to be humbled by the love that is returned unexpectedly and I give more and more gratitude everyday for what beauty will continue to unfold out of the unknown.

All glory belongs to The Most High JaH. 🦁✊🏽💚💛❤

We must always remember that not all that glitters is gold but the truth from another hu-man can be more rewarding than any form of payment.

One should never charge to share their knowledge. For knowledge is free and if one did not pay to receive, then the balance becomes off. This does not mean one must devalue their time. Know your worth but use wisdom and discernment to charge accordingly to each scenario. Money is worthless. Being present in the moment is priceless.

Selflessness vs selfishness.

Thank you for your kind words Empress and I appreciate you and the soul that has incarnated here on Earth. May JaH light shine through you into the eyes of those who are still asleep.

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