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For the years that one continues to be on this journey. Know that whatever experiences one may occur, the most important thing is to discover love in the moment. Even in the bad and emotional madness. Discover empathy and see how toxic one's ego can truly be. The ego is a very slippery forked tongue serpent and it takes a trained mind to keep it at bay. Otherwise, the mind is on auto pilot. Life becomes repetitive in nature and one becomes a slave to their sexual urges. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. The definition of insanity Einstein proclaimed. Opinions from others become accepted as truths and then misery sets in. For if one is always attempting to please everyone else, then one is going to have an extremely hard life. These are truths and also illusions of one's mind. Illusions become one's truths and then one may take a dreadful wrong turn because of a lie. People make decisions based on lies and it usually steers them off the course that JaH had preordained for them. Sometimes, a little guidance, empathy and hard truths can go a long way. It is such a joy to know the words that are documented at in Bio) can touch others so deeply. These are just truths discovered in documented history, repeating over and over. There is never anything expected in return but it is priceless to receive such a life changing story. It is truly a gift and reward for staying true to the path. It is good for one to never give up on good people. One must learn to love them unconditionally. No conditions but rather a take time to understand them. Overstand them. Inner stand them. Outer stand them. Know their childhood. Know their history. Know their truth. Only in doing so can one truly guide another. Otherwise, one is just guiding another blindly from lies. This individual always had it in her to do what she is doing now. Sometimes, we do not believe in ourselves because we are told one is told they are nothing from young. Told by parents that "you were a mistake". It takes time to heal. So take one's time. #ILoveYouAll #TrustTheProcess #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #BunDownBabylon. Com

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