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Adamos Kadmos

The perspective in which this world works has never been shown to those who did not seek. It has been hidden by those who seek to oppress and control. For their egos rule over their heart and soul which has numbed their empathy and love for their bredren and sistren.

This is the year that the egoical mask will crumble and ALL truth will be seen. #AllShallBeRevealed

For it is the true Solar year of 2012, after the birth of Iyesus Kristos. 2019 does not exist yet. That is a fallacy and a lie.

The age of Aquarius is here and those who refuse to see the truth and continue to live in #Piscean illusions of text and opinion will inevitably come crashing down. There is no worship of false idols anymore. There is no pedestal to put another on top. For all men are born equal and all men will now have an equal opportunity. It is what man does with this reset and New Earth Template will dictate his self inflicted fate or his God given destiny. For the algorithms of JaH continue to shift within the DNA of all, for DNA is simply the coding and make up of all living things.

The story was written before you and it will continue to read as the characters play out their roles and parts. Allow your story to unfold by eradicating the control that has been set forth upon you.

We are all free to choose and do as we please but each action has an equal and opposite reaction, therefore, make sure to know the reasons for the thought and action before it #causes catastrophic #effects. All shall be held accountable for their crimes against others. Those who have crushed the hearts of those worthy of giving and receiving love. Those who have smiled through the torment of abuse. Those who have kept pain inside them from childhood, it is time to release and let go. Know that in order for it to get better, it must first get worse. These are truths that withstand the tests of time and the temporal lifespan of man. For those who have ears shall hear and eyes shall see. Eradicate the peasantry 🤴🏽Kings and 👸🏽Queens of Earth. There is work to be done. #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionTribeofJudaH #SisterHoodoftheRose #12TribesUnite #AdamosKadmos

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