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The Tosh Legacy, Bloodline and Full Moon

As JaH continues to burn down the serpents with their illusions and paganistic lifestyles, he continues to bring together #RasTafari nation for the greater purpsoe. Many of you judge me without looking at yourselves. Many of you claim to know me yet never held a conversation with me. Many of you will soon learn that unconditional love comes with boundaries for protection from those who carry malice in their heart. It also comes with truth and NO lie can survive when truth is on the table. For those who walk with the righteous, walk strong, walk forward, walk with no fear. For the truth of my life has brought me together with the most talented and amazing grandson of the legend @petertosh. Know this truth as I state this again and again. No matter what your illusionary mind creates, it is will always be a lie. For JaH is truth and #NobodyBiggerThanJaH Blessings for acceptance into your space, energy and vibration. Link locked in for life. Safe like #SelassieIBriefcase @dre_tosh

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