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The Product of No Accountability For One's Actions

Parents! Are you okay with your children having access to this? Public school libraries across the nation are offering these sort of books to our INNOCENT children.

A definition of this word states "Free from moral wrong; not corrupted".

Molding the minds of our young to have the illusion of choice, when in reality children must know what responsibility comes with choice first, just as this author obviously has no accountability.

This is a SERIOUS problem for the psychology of children. This is wrong in every perspective of reality. This goes against every single thing that man has worked towards in progressing forward and to propel our children into the future. Fully equipped to handle the illusions of childhood trauma that follow adults into their life.

Children are the definition of innocence.

Their minds are to be molded by the wise and by those TRAINED to do so. They need help to find their creative power and how to live in the REAL WORLD. Dare not tell me social acceptance is necessary for the moral compass of society is hidden in the pocket of the deceiver.

Learned behaviours come from adults and other children. What make one think they have the right to spread this dis informed peasantry into the minds and hearts of the children? What publishing company feels that they can produce this uneducated nonsense in the name of money? Where is your morality as MEN?! Where is your competence and wise mind? Where is your HONOR?!

Know this truth serpent.

You will ALL be held accountable and responsible for your actions and crimes against the children of this Earth. This is demented and sick due to the fact that #paedophilia is where this all branches from. Psychological trauma that has been REFUSED to be dealt with. Justification of immorality and slackness. This will not be tolerated.

Where is your education in child psychology? What EGOICAL disillusioned mind made one think that THIS IS OKAY!?!

Where are the years of education with children?

How many children have you conceived and are raising?

Will you accept responsibility for the destruction of the INNOCENT minds @mattwebbdraws

Two men CANNOT create children, so stay far #LionofJudahTruth


Their is a level of acceptance with slackness in this realm but there will be a zero tolerance policy when the children are involved in one's mental trauma and emotional based decisions. For the implications of this book would have been seen a mile a way by any educated HU-MAN being. Children are already mentally traumatized by what they are privy too before their minds are fully their own. This is sub conscious programming at the highest degree. The people that surrounded this author and told him that this was good and okay must be held accountable. The publishing company that released this must be held accountable. @quirkbooks The distributors who distributed this must be held accountable. The newspaper articles that glorify this clearly emotional perspective. @thevirginiapilot Every hand that touched this book from creator to librarian, must be held accountable. For not one person stood up and said to this man, THIS IS WRONG! #ProtectTheChildrenAtAllCosts #ChildrenAreTheFuture #RasTafariLives #LionTribeofJudaH #LionofJudahTruth #NobodyBiggerThanJaH

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