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Half a Billion $ To Paint This House Red



Time and time again. The people suffer while the peasant government robs the nation blind. This is happening due to the actions of the same people who voted for PNM and continue to. If you voted for PNM, you are now held responsible for this insane cost. This house does not house a single soul. Nobody lives here. There are people dying on the streets, children starving, womb-men being beaten, raped and murdered. What does the wealthy portion of Trinidad and Tobago do about their country? They turn a blind eye, they turn the other cheek. They parade around with their inflated egos and European paganistic celebrations while ignoring the FACTUAL TRUTH of the land they so freely call their own.

They call themselves Christians, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus when in reality, they are scared children. Educated fools with Babylonian qualifications.

Educated in business and money but no education in love and empathy. There have no spiritual compass, for if they did, it surely has been pointing south for the longest of time. They live within their own illusions of what should be by their own egoical standards, rather than what is and what will be.

This is inexcusable and EVERY party involved in this business deal must be held accountable. For those who do not understand what can done with $500,000,000. Allow the I to enlighten the I.

A PLETHORA of self sustainable communes and farm land can be created to provide food, shelter, clothes, and SECURITY for those who need it most.

A system setup to not only teach those how to be self reliant but also how to protect themselves against the tyrants who rule over our once PEACEFUL nation.

The red house has not served a positive purpose since its creation. Parliament is a joke with their wigs and peasantry. It reminds me of children playing dress up and pretending to be Alice in Wonderland. There is no sound reasoning nor common sense. Just stupidity and fear based emotional decisions.

For those unaware, the red house is SUPPOSED to be the equivalent of the White House. It truly has one thing in common though, it was built by the slaves for the slave masters. Sir Henry McLeod, a SCOTTISH MAN versed in economics set the first stone of this building. A man who had NO other purpose other than to fulfill the wishes of the peasant Queen that wrongfully sits on the throne of JudaH.

Did you not know that the German blooded queen of England sits on the throne of JudaH? Hmmm #SitDownSerpent Your time is nigh.

So here we have another colonialist structure made in the name of slavery. Still controlling the minds of the ancestors of slaves that were brought to Trinidad and Tobago. This building cost £15000 to complete in the end of the 1800s. After the people stoned every window and set fire in 1903 to the structure. The rebuild cost 15000 pounds. With the illusion of inflation from The Babylonians and their peasantry, that would be around $500,000US. $500,000US converts to $3,500,000TT. So with $3.5 million TT, this building should be able to be constructed if math actually made sense in the financial world, yet they make up things as they go along but that system is crumbling as well. Back to the GOLD STANDARD because it works.

So, $500,000,000 TT to do repairs, which include, some plumbing, electrical wiring and paint.

Is this price justifiable?

Absolutely not.

Who will be held accountable?

Who will pay for their crimes against humanity?

Who will take charge to bring these criminals to justice?

Who will start a task force to arrest and lock up these criminals, liars, paedophiles and peasants?

For they think they are of royal blood, yet their mind and ego has fooled them. They are just more hu-man beings, enslaved by their own selfish desires. Therefore, they answer to a different master than I and I.

Their actions dictate their truth and their agendas.

Who will fund the fight against the criminally rich? For it is the rich that have caused this problem. People who obtain large sums of money and have no education on how to use it correctly will do what any other criminal would do. They would use it for personal/material gain and sexual fulfillment.

Get your cameras out people and start to follow around these politicians, construction firm CEOs and ALL who have had a hand in signing the contract for this nonsense. Leave the construction workers alone, for they trust their employer to pay them to feed their families. Maybe we should pay them to stop working on this bogus project.

Follow these criminals. Fear not. JaH is with you.

Document them. Make sure you know everything there is know about them. For then and only then, will you be able to fight your enemies.

I can assure you Trinidad and Tobago. The government has become the ENEMY of the people.

Stop fighting amongst yourselves and fight against those who create poverty and injustice.

Fight against those who donate weapons to the ghettos that the governments create.

Fight against the same incompetaent people who lie to you.

Fight for equality. Fight for truth. Fight for THE MOST HIGH.

For as of now, the devil rules over our nation and I and I state this loud and clear. The devil is not welcome here anymore. #SitDownSerpent #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #FyahBunPNM #FyahBunUNC #LearnFromTheKing #RasTafariLives

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