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Fyah Bun PNM and UNC

Though I and I have found fault in the truths that have been programmed and instilled from childhood into the I's mind. No matter the fallacies and illusions that surround this particular date, the stars never lie, nor do the planets, nor does the Sun, nor does the Moon. Yet, Hu-Mans tend to resonate with the frequency of hiding truth, with the ulterior motive of protecting a lie. Sometimes, a lie so deep rooted, one refuses to accept it even exist. Amongst the illusions of this reality, one truth stands firm and it would be wise to live one's life everyday in this truth. To always be in tuned to the frequency of giving. For those who cannot give, be open to receive and those who can give, give your all, give your best and always give your truth. For the illusions of many can only dictate the lives of those who choose to believe in the illusion. Leave them be, for each man is free to choose the path in which he walks. For the truth seekers will always discover truth amongst the lies and in the lies will one always find the serpent. Masked as light. Remember. Not all that glitters is gold. Seek truth always with people that swiftly enter into one's life. For some are sent by #JaH and some by the opposition. As JaH has most definitely gifted #Earthens so many enlightened beings through the space of time. No matter the man made dates, JaH will always be gifting us by broadcasting the frequency of truth. It only takes one to silence the mind and tune in. So in #light of the above message. Silence the mind and tune in to a gift from the I to all. A sneak preview of #Judahs soon to be released new single. 💚💛❤JANUARY 1 2020💚💛❤ 🌝🌴🇹🇹"Land of T & T"🇹🇹🌴🌝 Dedicated to I and I home, like no where else on Earth. The inventors of Rocksteady, Calypso, Soca, Steel Orchestras and at one point in time, the happiest place on Earth. No more illusions, only truth. Bring back our culture and kick out the serpents! Live in love and help one another. Dare not allow the serpent to infiltrate your hearts and minds. Enjoy the vibes. #ReeeaalllVibbbees #LandofTandT #JouvertVibez #TogetherWeAspire #TogetherWeAchieve #FyahBunPNM #FyahBunUNC #LionofJudahTruth

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