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The Ancient Sabukie of LifeYard

There are not many on this plane of existence who love and live through overstanding. There are far too many who live with no understanding at all, yet value their own opinion rather than seek the root of the truth. For those who have chosen to incarnate in this space-time, no matter the equality of all man, there are those who stand out from the rest. Not because of hype nor boastful manner but rather the eradication of ego at times when needed most. For an egoical man can stand in the presence of royalty but his true colours will shine through his aura as the light next to him will always shine bright for the truth seekers to see. Even though only in the darkness can the light be found, eradication of duality is an obtainable goal, for one must remember, it has already been obtained. It takes a lot of forgetting the lies to remember the truth. It takes strength, it takes courage, it takes discipline, dedication, determination and most of all, doing. To be a leader and change the direction of the people who are being led into the bottomless pit by the serpent. To be a father for the fatherless. To walk as a (Christ/Kristos/An Annointed One). To be a true RasTa Man. Living with the highest of intentions, cleanest of heart and purest of thought. Always standing up for what is righteous in the eyes of not only His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I but also in The Most High JaH. All glory belongs to JaH for our existence and I am grateful to have crossed paths with this King. #LionofJudahTruth #LionOrder🦁 #ReeeaalllVibbbeess Reposted from @sabukie_lifeyard - Realize that no one is a failure, even the most degraded personalities, and all are to be redeemed, through the realization of the higher self. Therefore seek to forgive others, forgive the world for its insanity, forgive others for their hurtful deeds and most of all forgive yourself. Realize that all evil is done out of ignorance, even the malicious. Things Ready & Takes Time . Jah always there , Google Me . #BlackRev #blackrevelationzsound🔊 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° @sabukie_lifeyard @eyeball_lifeyard @djzim_jamrocksound #BlackRevelationZSound🔊 #LifeYard 🌱 #Lineage🦁 #XxtraHard 🚨

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