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24 Tekemr 2012

24 Tekemr 2012 How grateful I and I have become to have even more than one listen. For it is truly humbling to see people not only listen to the creations but addtionally enjoying and sending positive messages of a simple thank you. I and I give thanks to all of those who took time to listen to these rough peices of art. For they are but a minimal part of something much grander and bigger. A universe within a universe, all dedicated to guiding, teaching and even providing shelter for ALL the children of Earth. It has been a plan logistically strategized for over 5 years with some of the wisest of council that I and I have ever crossed paths with. For they all know who they are and in the silence they will stay. For the connections that have been made in I and I miniscule travels of a million air miles in close total. I have shared my stories with strangers at hotel bars and lobbies beyod countless nights. Missing my family and beloved Queen at that time. I was learning what made these strangers tick. I was learning what made them happy. I was also learning what they were scared of. Many of them, I and I found something in common with. A very scared inner child. Curled up in fetal position, terrified of the world outside. So scared to peek through the looking glass as we know as eyes. Traumatized from childhood experiences. Some that were not even truly as bad as one made them out to be. Some that were crippling and have been stored away since the occurence transpired. Though over time, illusions and imaginations branched out from this injured child with no one to care for them. So their ego became stronger, it started to build up walls and protect the inner child from ever being hurt again. The ego became the mask. Ultimate protection. Yet one thing was left alone. #TheInnerChild. Now locked in an even darker space, trapped in memories of pain. I and I taught them how to dig deep inside the depths of their souls. Rescue the child, heal them, bring them back to life, create a new space to play, where they are preoccupied with growth and learning. Where they are protected and safe. #ProtectTheInnerChild #LionTribeofJudaH #LionofJudahTruth #LetsCheckNextMonth

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