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The Truth

How are those illusions and imaginations working out?

For those who live in the real world, outside of the construct we know as society. It is far easier to see truth, live truth and be truth. For when one gets fed up and tired of repeating the same cycles, the same relationships, the same boring day, over and over again. This can only lead to depression and explosive mental break downs. One will start to question everything around them. As Iyesus Kristos stated "Seek and Ye Shall find". The issue lay in the lies that human beings are told from other human beings. It tends to stops one from questioning anything. One may tend to believe everyone, as one may not question others as trusting human beings. Due to lack of knowing of thyself. We trust the wrong people. We become slaves to #narcissist and then become self #destructive due to someone always telling us the opposite of what we really need to be hearing. Yes men serve no purpose and are what we call waste men. Wasted DNA, repeated, set forth to destroy others due to their own selfish agendas. No empathy to what destruction occurs from their words and actions. No one to hold them accountable. Before. This will change sooner than one may know or see. So for those who battle with a slave master. A control monster. A hoarder, who refuses to let go of the past. Remove yourself from the equation and see how one's life will surely flourish. Allow them to be who they choose to be. For everyone is free to choose the path from which they walk. As for the I. I and I will always be walking with JaH. Those who seek the Kingdom of JaH are more than welcome to walk with the I. As per the ones mentioned above. When you see #JudaH coming, step correct or step away. #FyahBunAllIgnorance #EducateThySelf #SitDownSerpent #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #TeddsPro #AuradonEntertainment #JeanilleBonterreEntertainment #TheLionTribeofJudaH #SisterHoodOfTheRose . . . . 📸 @teddspro

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