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Trust The Process

The problem with 98% of humanity nowadays is that they all want to be somebody. They all believe that they are here to be loved and cherished and everyone MUST do so. They all believe they have the answers to everything. They all believe they know more than everyone else. They all think because they ACT and PORTRAY themself as something on social media, it is what they will become. This is a lie. This is illusion. This is fallacy. This is imagination of the mind. This is THE #EGO.

Yes, we are all here for a purpose. A reason. A soul mission to accomplish. I can ASSURE you, that it is not to take off one's clothes and flaunt the temple that JaH has given one to strangers and perverts. Farless for an imaginary like, equating to something physical. Yes the call girls and whores and prostitutes sell their bodies to the the fake muslim arabs who deficate and urinate on them for a price.

Oh, one didn't know this is the world one lives in? Of course not, one is to busy living an egoical life.

I urge one to research #TagTheSponsor .com

I and I only speak truth, they sullied the name of my intimate girlfriend at the time, when she was not one of them but she sure played with fire and she was burned. #CauseandEffect

It is not to boast about how many women a man has tricked into bed, therefore causing a catastrophic causation of after effects due to the lies spoken from their forked tongue. The damage that has been caused to the mental of people has created little spoiled boys where Kings should stand and little spoiled daddy's girls where Queens are needed.

"If your father was not a King, then I assure you, you were never a Princess. If your mother was never a Queen, I and I assure you, you were never a Prince. For they never taught you about royalty and what it means to be King and Queen. What responsibility comes with it. How the hearts and lives of millions depend on your actions. That is a TRUE KING AND QUEEN. One who lives in #EMPATHY yet righteousness. Lives in #LOVE yet knows #PAIN. Lives with #HONOR yet knows #BETRAYAL." Lives with #COURAGE to overcome when #FEAR slithers in. #RasTafariLives

If one does not know where they are coming from, their history, to the ROOT, then I assure you again, it would impossible to know where one is going. This truth is usually found out after one hits 40 years on Earth. We must remember, what took Moses and the IsraELITES 40 years, should have a been an 11 day journey. This speaks volume to the lack of control one has over their mental mind and spiritual mind. Balance the heart and mind and discover these truths. This is THE TRUTH. For those who live a lie, this is when the truth hurts, for it cost nothing and take ls no strength to tell the TRUTH. Yet, it takes a whole heap of energy to make up and continue to fabricate a LIE. The truth will always stand firm and tall, like the rock of #Gibraltar

Nothing happens overnight. Only those who put in the work, knows the work that goes into becoming a star on Earth.

You see, we come from stars, therefore, we are already stars. For our star essence to be seen, we must eradicate all naysayers in our homes and our lives. All forms of doubt. This does not mean to take the life of anyone for we do not have that right, unless granted by The Most High to protect ourselves. Then a life is quickly removed from this Earth and from I and I presence.

The journey to discover the light that exists deep within the depths of one's soul will always be a flaming ember, no matter how much darkness one consumes and acts upon.

For darkness is the absence of light, so I and I tell you this hu-mans of Earth. #Earthens

"Let your light so shine". - Matthew 5:16

And continue to TRUST THE PROCESS.

For it is the process of JaH and I assure you again, that #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #SitDownSerpent #LionofJudahTruth

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