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A Man Is Only Good As His Word

For this moment in time will never occur again, nor the pain one was enduring. Yet the love of JaH continued to give I the strength needed to do what needed to be done. #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #DunPhotoStudios . . Reposted from @romeo_duncombeclarke - Check this out.. Keep a very closed circle. Don't let anyone in who doesn't have the same ambition as the rest of the crew. Get money together and build together. Fuck all of the petty shit. Speak in words that build the team, as well as speak words that also will build yourself up. Remember, a man is only as good as his/her programming. You and your team should be seen as "crazy" in the eyes of those who don't have a real world vision for the future. It's also important to Remember you can do a lot by yourself, but just imagine how much you can get done with a real team. You guys could change the world. It's time for us to become collectors of great people. masterminds. P.S. Check my good friend @officiallionofjudah he's an emerging reggae artist out of Trinidad and Tobago. Show the good brother some love and support. Stay Blessed. Romeo #artist #contactsheet #dunphotostudios #images #trinidadandtobago #photoshoot #Florida #rastafari #takencareofbussiness

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