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The Lion Tribe of Judah

The world has become even more numbed than it once was and I thought that to be an impossibility but the serpent has proven time and time again that it is always learning. The actions of an individual must always be held accountable by the individual and by their peers. One must always be responsible for their words, actions and even thoughts. For the serpent is always learning and for those that have no protection against it, has become a simple choice. A choice branched from laziness, slackness, and egotistical thought processes. Only when one stops allowing the mind to be controlled by society will the mind be able to reboot. Only when society educates itself from the indoctrinated standards of peasantry will they see their truth. Only when the masks are removed then everyone will be capable of looking into each other's eyes and discovering a new truth. For the time is now to reflect, revive, re-asses, re-think and review where one is in their life. What shifts have they made to better them self and in turn better humanity on the whole? What in retrospect will be done differently going forward? For if something is not functioning at its highest operating standard, then complacency has set in. One must always seek to be the best version they can be and this means that one must always be growing. If one has not unlocked the key to discover their divine higher self then one has become distracted by inconsequential traps. The children of now are being led down a very dark path due to the acceptance of slackness in humanity and failed parenting. Gandhi once said "Eye for and eye will make the whole world blind". Well, the time has now come as the world has become blinded and yet the majority still have their eyes and refuse to see. So seeing that majority of parents lack the ability to hold them self accountable for their offspring via their actions. I introduce to you #KingJudaH from The#LionTribeofJudah. For where parents have diabolically failed JudaH will save. For when narcissistic parenting continues to wreak havoc upon the minds of our young, #JudaH will be swift with his judgment and the righteousness shall prevail. Coming in divine timing to a soul near you. The Adventures of The Lion Tribe of Judah in Babylon. The children of #Earth WILL be saved and if you have a problem with that, I urge you to eradicate that demon very swiftly before it is done for you by another. #SitDownSerpent #LionofJudahTruth#NobodyBiggerThanJaH #10StepaHeadAhDem

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