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For those who practice #atheism, I urge one to question the facts that exist in the history of mankind. One does not even need to go further back than 1932, unless one choses to. A time when Werner Heisenberg won the nobel prize in #physics for the discovery of quantum mechanics. Though man would say he "created it," it is impossible to create something that has already been in existence, the perspective must only shift to see it. He stated this, "The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an Atheist but at the bottom of the glass, God is waiting for you". With this statement, as eloquent, factual and simple as it is. It speaks volume to those who decide what is truth and what is not in their #3 dimensional reality. For it now becomes the responsibility of an atheist to research, learn and understand quantum physics to back their decision and life path. Otherwise, there is no purpose or reasoning behind their decision which has now been made for them by another. For as the creator of quantum mechanics states his discoveries, therefore replicable via the scientific method. A non-believer has no relevant or comprehensive reasoning for their factually truthful "uneducated conclusion". For the science they worship has become their religion as their belief system is based on the entire foundation of the invisible #Atom or #Atum For one to attempt to understand the creator of the all, one must first accept the all is but a miniscule part of THE ALL. For @sizzla876official says it best. #NobodyBiggerThanJaH The #Infinite has no beginning or end and the finite mind can never overstand the infinite. So discover the truth within the infinite of one's self, where the infinite exists in the form of one's soul. For one's soul is energy and energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transferred.#SitDownSerpent #LionofJudahTruth #TheReligionofAtum #RasTafariLives#🦁✊🏽💚💛❤ #BunDownBabylon .com

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