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Wood (Proverbs 5)

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As we see society crumbling before our very own eyes. Psychopaths have been elected to rule this Earth by the uneducated who have been tricked. For the fools who do not seek truth within their hearts will forever be weak against the darkness that has consumed them. For they forget that the light from within must so shine in each individual. It must shine so bright that the darkness has no where to run but into the light. The royal womb-men of Earth have been fooled into thinking via the ego rather than the heart and soul. They have been made into men and now act as if they are men. I have no womb and I have no egg, I am MAN and I am the seed. No womb-man can impregnate me therefore we are not equal in a physical sense but only mental and spiritual. Equal on a higher plane of existence but complete opposites in this 3 dimensional Earth plane. The truth is simplistic when the religion of science and worship of "Atum" is taken for what it is. Macrocosm to Microcosm. When the brainwashing and manipulation of those who see it fit to govern one's mind is removed, there only lay truth. When the childish emotions and feelings of an individual are balanced and kept in #ORDER not #CHAOS, can one love and accept their truth. For where there is chaos, the #serpent is usually at the root of it. For JaH organizes ALL chaos and just as Eve disobeyed her creator because her #EGO told her she knew better than the master of all universes, Adam has been set with the task of cleaning up her mess. The mess is clean and Eve has been forgiven, now it is for Eve to forgive herself, for Eve has created the Jezebel, God's worst enemy and it is my duty and responsibility to my creator to banish ALL Jezebel energies from this realm. So listen good and listen well, you have already lost and into the pit you will go with your master, for 1000 years. When you see the wings of Archangel Michael, follow him wilingly for you are but an amoeba when in his exalted presence. For it has been written and you have already lost. This is just the beginning. #JudgementHathCome #SitDownSerpent #NobodyBiggerThanJaH #LionofJudahTruth #HowMuchWood #FyahBunAllJezebels #BunDownBabylon #LionOrder #MilkyWay

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