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What is more advanced than the Infinite Consciousness of JaH ?

Those #social archetypes that give the illusion of necessity is crumbling before us. The false #leaders of whom one would trust in and give their energy to is now being removed from the clean hearted individuals. For those who see through the lies and deceit of others, using your #energy to take them to the front of the line. What line are they racing to get ahead of? Death? You see, there are no lines in the spiritual world. There is no waiting for your turn. Your vision will always be a whisper and will never be taken into consideration wholeheartedly. There is no one else that will take your vision and make it a reality unless they themself have a similar vision. They them self are on the same wavelength and frequency. They them self put #God first. They do not put another above them or beneath them, but hold space for them at the same level. The #ratrace that has been created and manipulated by man no longer serves those who stay true to the mission from #JaH. For those who speak truth will be shunned by those living a lie. For those who act in kind and do good to better they fellow human will be mocked by those who are selfish. For those who follow the commandments will surely be ridiculed and laughed at. Why? For they follow the serpent and their hearts are not clean. We don't do this for the likes, we do this because it is an oath we have taken that will not be broken. For no man is bigger than Jah and no woman is worthy to stand before The Most High, until they put all their faith and trust in him. For the serpent will always attempt to hold Eve prisoner to her own curiosity, therefore Adam will always be cleaning up the mess she leaves behind. For she was made from him and for him, forever connected beyond that of time. (*Rib bones grow back if removed correctly* Research) What human is more advanced than God? None. So #DiscoverTheTruth by digging deep, knowing who you are, why you are here and what is your soul mission. Remember, the answers DO NOT lie outside of yourself, but internally. Silence the mind and discover the soul. For the soul will always keep you in the flow and out of the diabolic and detrimental rat race. #LionofJudahTruth

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