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Babylon Is In Your Backyard

For those who educate themself on the ILLUSION that has been presented to them via the forced programming and indoctrination of mental slavery can see past it all. The veil must be lifted and the truth must be accepted. For those who follow the #babylonian system worship the devil, satan, lucifer, abaddon, adramelech, amon, baal, beelzebub, emma-o, gorgo, ishtar, lillith, set, saturn, the dragon, the serpent. I speak of YOUR GOVERN-MENT.

They worship different gods but refuse to give thanks toTHE CREATOR OF ALL. They force their symbolism upon you and create murderers. They award murderers with medals of honor stained by blood from the innocent victims. They destroy family values. They destroy humanity. They do what is wrong when we know what is right. #Stockholmsyndrome has set in with a twist of #cognitivedissonance and a splash of #confirmationbias. Uneducated men speak as if they know everything while the educated sit in silence. Fear rules over the nation while freedom no longer exists. You are free to do as you please with a cost attached to every choice. The #ILLUSION will stop, when the people stop supporting the illusion.

Has JaH knocked on your door yet and woken you up from your slumber or has he been knocking but you are too deaf, dumb and distracted to see the truth. Are you an idiot? Are you a fool?


Then how can you not see what is right infront of you? Maybe you are not as smart as you think and maybe you are the #peasant that they consider you to be. So stay a peasant and embrace their slavery. We will fight in the name of all that is divine and true. We will stand for what is right. We will live clean and our actions will line up with our words. We will instill morals, values, truths, rights, integrity, love, compassion, empathy and all that is GOOD. Keep living your lie, you are part of the problen anyway and you stand in our way. You stand no chance in this war. For it already has been written. Into the pit you go #Satan and we will gladly hand over all of those who follow you and love you as well. It will be our pleasure. Take them all, for they serve no purpose here on Earth.

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