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Deep Rest

The word #depressed has truly been misconstrued and abused, as has everything else in these last days. For those who are so tired wearing the mask of social pleasing and fakeness. It is time to take it off. If a woman is older than 21 and still caking on make up to hide their natural beautiful features, then it is time to use less. If one is constantly grooming themself to appease the Jezebels that exist in society, it is time to take back their power. Balance in life is key and what one may not understand is how their actions affect the #collectiveconsciousness We all are part of humanity and #hoomans tend to forget this. We are all going through the same struggles, just with different perspectives and perception due to our experiences in life. Eradicate the need to impress the uneducated peasants of society and one will see how beautiful the internal truth of life is. How free one can be while there is a system that continually infringes on other's reality. Take time for one's self this weekend with the#NewMoon in Gemini. Isolate from the chitter and chatter, the hustle and bustle. Seek silence, seek space but most of all seek truth. Seek the truth from within, with no distractions and discover what depression truly is. There is no man made medication for depression, there is only mother nature and the gift of breath and life granted by the creator. There is only truth and when truth is not accepted or spoken is when the lies are lived. One cannot live a happy and healthy life while living a lie. So eradicate all lies and liars from one's life and see how the truth will always prevail. We are not interested in those who spew poisonous lies, only the truth seekers with clean hearts and minds can enter into the kingdom of JaH. Depression is created by the self and the perspectives need to shift. Become aware. Replace all negative thoughts with positive. There is work to be done. #DeepRest is necessary to solve the self inflicted issue. No one else is going to solve it for you. Do the work and then the truth will be revealed. Otherwise, keep playing the #victim. The serpent loves a self pitying weak minded victim. #SitDownSerpent#LionofJudahTruth #🦁✊🏽💚💛❤

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