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Never Give Up, Never Give In (Shift Perspective)

JaH will ALWAYS give us everything that we need to succeed in this life. #Success is often associated erroneously with money though. Money is worthless and has been given a false sense of power. I see the younger generations of males associating money with the ability to do blasphemous acts. I see them discussing and posting about money giving them power to get anything they want, including the purchase of women. Women are not property and cannot be purchased. Only #Jezebels, the creator's worst enemy. The brainwashed victims of sexual abuse and vicious mental degradation. Those who have negated their creator and turned to the lower vibrations of animalistic thought processes rather than being creators themselves. "Fyah bun the sex seller and the buyer" - @i.wayne For this is not the righteous work for JaH but rather his opposition. Man created the monetary system based off of trading time for gold, how is one truly investing their time? Into who? Into what? Why? What one may fail to realize is that success is in constant supply but one must strategize and plan to tune in to receive. One must ask them self what is success. The old definition says "the outcome of an undertaking, specified as achieving or failing to achieve its aims." The latin "succedere - Come close after." The world has been confused and lied to for too long. Many are being awaken but lead down a path of selfish hidden agendas, hidden from themselves as well. Live no more a slave to a system, a slave to money, a slave to success. Live in love and know that success is a positive thought with highest of intention away. Then comes the first action. Then learn patience. Never give up, never give in. Trust in JaH and make sure to acknowledge the creator's energy within. For those who are ready to listen, silence those wondering minds and take heed of the energy that has always been there. Search for it, listen for it, feel it, for the energy has always lay in the depths of one's soul. The noise that has once surrounded us has started to become very quiet. Why?#AreYouReady #LaceUpYuhShoes#CalmBeforeTheStorm #LionofJudahTruth#SitDownSerpent #UseWhatYouAlreadyHave#12TribesUnite

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