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Blessed Earthstrong to The President "Sizzla Kalonji"

Blessed Earthstrong #KingKalonji @sizzlakalonjimuzik @sizzla876official @sizzlalive @teamsizzla @sizzlakalonji1st Giving thanks and praise to #JaH and his will in the preparation of Earth's history to make way for messages of truth, rights, equality, love and justice for all by your roar. For not only did the lyrical truths and ancient knowledge be intertwined into your music, the true energy that has now been recorded in this time and space forIver more exists until time itself seizes. For the roar has been heard around the world for years before and years to come. To even further accomplishment and honour in ones name, Sizzla Kalonji, one's actions have continued to prove to the world that one must always live by their word and the intentions behind these words must always line up with one's actions. For you continue to be a leader and a mentor to those who have no where else to go in their mind. You continue to guide those to the 225th King of Kings, Lord of Lords, The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Emperor Haile I King Selassie the 1st. The wicked Babylonian system has never been able to silence your roar and never will. For you are a prophet amongst peasants and the blessings of JaH continues to surround you. The serpents surround as well everyday and with time, we all see the truths within the dirty hearts of those who wear the mask of innocence yet they hold malice in their hearts. Fyah BUN DEM and cleanse dem. For Rastaman will always live with the highest of intention, the cleanest of heart and the purest of thought. Vibrating always at the highest frequency. Through discipline, dedication and determination. Rastaman must unite now and take the message to the 4 corners of Earth, Together. Babylon is falling, the people need clean guidance.

Link up King when yuh ready. Jah done bless it.

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