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Rise Up Caribbean: Self Love is Fearless

Reposted from @empressjeanille - RISE UP CARIBBEAN: SELFLOVE IS FEARLESS ⏫💫✨💫📡🌎 If you do not run your #SubconsciousMindyourself, someone else will run it for you. Mothers often unconsciously attract illness & disaster to their children by continually holding them in thoughts of fear, watching for symptoms, preparing the way for what she did NOT want for herself & child/children. HoweVer the man who is centered & etablished in RIGHT thinKing, the REALMan who sends out ONLY Goodwill to his fellow man & who is WITHOUT fear, cannot be touched or influenced by the negatiVe thoughts & psychological manipulation tactics of others. In fact, he could then receiVe ONLY Good thoughts, as he himself sends forth ONLY Good thoughts. Resistance is hell, for it places man inna constant state of total psychological torment - insecurity, shame, #selfConsciousness, enVy, fear, #selfDoubt,#selfHate & inner turmoil. If I eVer haVe a failure I baptise it SUCCESS in the name of GOD the Father, the Son & the HolySpirit. This is the Great uniVersal Law of #Transmutation, founded on #NonResistance. Through the power of my own thoughts, spoKen Word & actions eVery failure is transmuted into SUCCESS. 💯 I see eVery man as a golden linK in the chain of my Good, for ALL men are GOD in manifestation, awaiting the opportunity giVen by man himself to serVe GOD's #DiVinePlan of his life. BLESS your enemy and you rob him of his ammunition. His arrows will be transmuted into showers of BLESSINGS. This law is true of Nations as well as indiViduals. BLESS a Nation, send LOVE & Goodwill to eVery inhabitant and it is robbed if its power to harm. Man can only get the RIGHT idea of #NonResistance through Spiritual OVerstanding. . 📖:#TheLawOfNonResistance#RiseUPCARIBBEAN #CharTToppaZRadio #ASHANTiGoddess #AngelMessages #SelfLOVE#WordSoundPOWER 🔌:#JeanilleBonterreEntertainment - #regrann

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