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Quarreling and upset all the time yet time doesn't exist. How many times will one be petty and vulgar and deceitful to those that they once loved? Why is there so much hate in this world when all we need to do is love ourselves?

Work together and unite, stop the fussing and fight, only with #JaH can anything ever truly be accomplished in this time.

For if one were to look up at the night sky, away from the city lights and see what beauty lay above. For the shimmering stars each can tell who you are, yet no words can ever describe it. The stars have not shifted in thousands of years, yet we are told that we are constantly moving through space, everything always in motion. It is hard to unbelieve a lie that has been a belief for so long, but when the lie is pointed out, the truth can then be revealed. Many people live a lie because the truth is too scary for them to see, because of imagination and fear. When in reality the situation at hand may be much less #dramatic and severe. For the truth to be revealed will truly set you free but the answers one may seek, is your responsibility.

"A temporal life span is one bound by “time,” a condition that all life on planet Earth is governed by. People who live at the same “time” as others are contemporary with one another, living contemporaneously or at the same “time.” Unfortunately, mortal life is but a temporary event defined by a relatively short “time.” Any temp or temporary worker at a business, whose job lasts for only a limited period of “time,” will tell you how quickly that “time” goes! As people get older, they understand more and more the old Latin saying tempus fugit: “time” flies."

Reposted from @chrisgalt - 15 seconds. Enough time to contemplate the Universe before I start getting attacked by the killer mosquitoes of Florida! #MilkyWay 🌌 - #regrann

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