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Empathy is the ability to put aside your ego, step into someone else’s shoes and experience their emotions. When we do this, we create connection. The number one emotional need we all have is for connection.

The issue with putting aside the ego, is doing one's best to remember that it is there still, still feeding off of doubts and fears. Bringing up concerns that have no progress but rather detrimental setbacks.

One can know if they are living via the ego or via their soul very simply. One must ask them self a series of easy questions that one must be honest with them self.

-Am I doing this for the attention of others or for myself?

- Are my actions selfish or selfless?

- Why would someone act this way?

- If I were them, what would I do and how would I react?

By simply empathizing with another individual, one can remember a relatable experiences and therefore be able to understand the issue that the other individual or animal might be going through at that moment.

Beware of those who are not capable of empathizing as they are not healthy individuals in the mind, heart or soul. They have been dealt a hand of cards that is not to their liking and the ego has rule over their mind. So their actions never cause any harm to them self, only those around them, due to the simple fact of being selfish. This world has been created for mankind to work together with all aspects of that which has been created for us. How can we all work together when there are people who cannot even work on themselves yet?

THEY do not want us to unite, they attempt to keep us separated due to their fraudulent monetary systems that have no value.

They attempt to keep us separated for we are more powerful in numbers than they are.

They cannot empathize with the reality of the situation that has been caused by a corrupt and outdated #babylonian system. So they rather use their smoke and mirrors to lie to us than share the truth.

Be aware of what they ask you to be sympathetic towards, for they truly have not an ounce of sympathy or empathy towards you. #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #ClearwaterSunsets #BeachBummersFl

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