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To have complete confidence and trust in someone or something. In reality, it is a response to God's initiative, a theological #virtue. One that cannot be achieved by human effort. An act of #JaH and a response of man. Many boast of their strong faith yet in truth, it is weak and surface level. For they depend on their own mind rather than the all knowing mind of their#creator. We now know that consciousness is what makes up the universe yet we cannot physically touch it. We can visually see it in the night sky in its grand design and mathematical precision, yet still cannot be near it. One's #faith must be like the trusting of a WiFi or cell phone signal. We know it exists yet we cannot see it for it is invisible. We know it has the power to connect us to everything we need and we use it effortlessly to do so. The ego always wants proof, the soul always knows truth. One must check how strong the level of faith one may have and one may discover their faith is nothing but a false belief system based on lies. For JaH is the mover, we are the moved. #DiscoverTheTruth #LionofJudahTruth #SitDownSerpent #WiFi #Spirituality

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