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To sit in #stillness and be stillness while the mind is still and no thought exists except the thought of nothingness. No thing around can distract or cause reaction for it does not exist. As the reality we share as individuals is no longer physically view able or felt, one can then finally start to give thanks and praise. Do you think JaH can hear us through all the other thoughts in our mind, which one does he listen to? All of course. So be specific, be direct, but clear but do not be loud and confused.

When the mind is silenced, one can then start to ask questions and only then will one truly hear the soul responses. The vibrations start to cover one's body like a blanket of energy falling gently from one's crown to feet.

There are many ways to get into a meditative state, but one must know that if they meditate incorrectly, this deepened state of awareness is not easily obtainable. It is as difficult as one makes it, and we all know how difficult some may like to make their own lives.

There is a guide from my first self taught experience located at

If one is truly interested in discovering how to better themselves, then go ahead and check out the #mondaymeditations section. For all one must do is to seek and ye shall truly find.

When I need my meditation in paradise. I always rock back with @beach_bummers_fl

True healing begins, when one stops trying to fix what has already been done. It is time to unwind the mind and #BeachBummersFl knows a thing or two about that.

Music: #WalkeyWalkTall #10FtGanjaPlant @10ftganjaofficial

Film Romeo Duncombe-Clarke for DunphotoStudios

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